Final Fantasy IV Goes 3D in Impressive Beadwork Diorama

Final Fantasy IV Goes 3D in Impressive Beadwork Diorama

The folks at VGPerlers have recreated a classic scene from Final Fantasy IV with Perler beads.

We're just going to put this out there. Final Fantasy IV, for all it did to help define early JRPGs, is kind of a narrative mess. It starts off as this dark story about a warrior trying to redeem himself and gradually devolves into a frequently silly tale of good guys versus moon people. That said, the earlier portions of the game boast some genuinely moving moments, chief among those probably being the sacrifice of Palom and Porom.

For the uninitiated (twenty year old spoilers ahead), you and your party find yourself stuck in the medieval fantasy version of the trash compactor from Star Wars: A New Hope. With no way out of the room, your mage friends press themselves against the walls and cast stone spells on themselves to create barriers that halt your impending doom. This, of course, renders them somewhat dead. It was a shocking and memorable twist that people still remember decades later.

So memorable, in fact, that the folks over at VGPerlers, a group that crafts and sells beadwork recreations of pixel art, has rebuilt a three dimensional version of the scene with beads. Setting aside how difficult and time consuming actual pixel can be, we can't even conceive of how much time and effort this took. As you might expect, we also very much want to make it ours so that we can set it on our collectibles shelf to be admired alongside our Beast Wars toys and LEGO Star Wars models.

Sincerely though, this is an impressive piece of work, and even if VGPerlers opts not to sell it on the group's Etsy page, it has at least done a good job of grabbing our attention. It just goes to show that diorama work is truly the best sort of marketing.

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Not enough WANT gifs in the world...

Pretty impressive, wouldn't mind that sitting in my room.

:S I want one!!

That is pretty damn cool! One of the best scenes in FF history, definitely worth making into a diorama! :D

I remember this scene, was so out of the blue. I genuinely was left a bit stunned, amazed at how suddenly two awesome characters had gone. The death of Aeris has nothing on this scene.

Love this game, even if it does get a bit wonky with the story. It was such a strange and upsetting scene, I first played it at about 11ish when the game first came out. I never really wrapped my head around it until I was older.

Coincidentally I'm replaying it right now, although this round I'm doing the DS version. I'm just about at that scene too. I love the twins.

I'd buy that, set it on the shelf right there beside the cartridge. There's room.

final fantasy 4 is one of my favorites but it did have a problem with party members constantly making suicidal heroic sacrifices conveniently leaving a free slot for a party member who shows up 5 minutes later

come to think of it a lot of the final fantasy games deal with alien invaders in some form xdeath, the lunarians, kuja, jenova and the back story of final fantasy 8 revolves around monsters falling to earth from the moon

That was a pretty forgettable scene in a pretty forgettable game. Those two mages were annoying twats for most of the story, when they killed themselves I was happier for it.

The rotating door of unalterable, one-dimensional characters and the mid-game level reset of the "hero" were pretty annoying on the whole, definitely marring what could have otherwise been a decent game. Shoddy translation and (in the DS port, which had some pretty impressive-for-a-handheld 3d graphics) hilariously bad voice acting also interfered with my ability to take anything in the story remotely seriously. Probably the only fond memories I have of that game are the badass whale ship and the moon dungeon. Everything else was as bland as vegemite, particularly the forced love triangle drama. That whole kain/rosa/cecil love triangle was about as moving as padme and anakin (that is to say, not at all).

This looks miles better than the DS version did.

P.S. Thanks

I hope they recreate the scene where cecil first turns into the paladin. I would love that scene. Or the scene where they first show Golbez

So want. IV is by far my favourite in the series. Final Fantasy really needs to go back to disgraced Captain of the Red Wings type of characters. To the moon, Cecil, to the goddamn moon!

That's very impressive work. I wonder if anyone at VGPerlers has played FF IV: The After Years. There were some good scenes from that, as well, and a great continuation of the story.

Woops: the photos page says VI not IV. Also the cart says II. So why not just leave it at that?

PS: Narrative mess? Why the need to editorialize amid a bit of news such as this I'll never know.

Final Fantasy IV had a goofy story, but it still had plenty of great moments, the above example included. My main gripe with FFIV's story was less that the story was "too silly" (because it's a better alternative to all these newer stories that are trying to be too serious), and more that...

Over-all, though, I loved FFIV. Probably my second or third favorite of the series.


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