Prince of Persia Seeks Mobile Destiny

Prince of Persia Seeks Mobile Destiny

Welcome to The Shadow and the Flame. Would you like a virtual joystick?

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, first seen way back in 1993, has jumped and climbed its way onto mobile devices, and launches for iOS and Android today. Vizier Jaffar has been up to his tricks again, and it's down to you to defeat 14 3D levels worth of villains, skeletons and assorted evildoers - always remembering the time limit - in order to get your life back and achieve your destiny. This is a high-definition remake of the original, so fans can expect a nostalgia trip coupled with much prettier environments and gameplay.

There have been one or two changes, to reflect the mobile environment. You can play with a virtual joystick should you so choose, or you can go for gesture-based touch controls. There is a 'cautious mode' allowing you to go step-by step, for those of you who fear the consequences of an ill-defined or badly timed gesture. Plus there are combos - ahh, those tasty combos - allowing you to take down multiple enemies, as you chop your way to glory. The iOS and Google versions are $2.99 for the initial download, and this can also be had via Amazon.

Fancy a trip down memory lane? There's an evil Jaffar out there who needs squashing, princesses to rescue, skeletons to smite. Better hurry; the clock's ticking ...


Also known as Prince of Persia: We Don't Know How Sands of Time Turned Out Great So Here Is Some Mobile Shit Instead.

The list of Ubisoft games worth a damn is getting mighty slim these days.

Heyyy, I remember playing shadow and the flame on my old Macintosh back in the days. Been wanting to try to dig it up from my old dust bin, but sadly I do no longer have a floppy drive to rip the 7 (or was it 14?) floppies that it came on, plus you need the manual for some good old copy-protection.
I might try this one out then. Since I remember the orginal shadow and the flame being pretty nice game.

Awesome, yet another game to purchase and make worthy on my Nexus 7.

We need more decent games for mobiles and tablets these days because I'm getting fed up with people downplaying them a lot of the time that they forcefully make the market not worthy just because a few people say you shouldn't game on a tablet/mobile.


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