Super Smash Bros. 3DS And Wii U Drops Story Mode

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Someone needs a quick course in marketing
If he had come out and said that they cut the subspace emissary because it took a lot of time, effort, money and kept it at that, I would have been a lot more understanding
But that half-assed excuse is not acceptable and made me quite annoyed (and I'm quite sure I'm not the only one)

I absolutely loved the subspace emissary part it was much less tedious to play that single campaign once or twice to unlock everything, than play the same boring adventure mode 2-3 time WITH EACH CHARACTER (That's between 50 and 75 times trough the same 12 stages)on top of classic mode which was basicly the single-player part of a normal fighting game.
Not to mention that it actually had a story and quite a lot of unique enemies (And some of the situations the story had was hilarious) which is quite unique for a fighting game.
The subspace emissary is what kept me playing the game for a lot longer than I normally would a fighting game

I really can't see why people are glad it's gone.
Does that mean the same people found the event mode tedious too?

WHAT? NO! The Subspace Emissary cutscenes were one of the best parts of Brawl! They were so awesome and the great invasion remains one of the best moments in ANY Nintendo game!!! You can't just get rid of the cutscenes, you can take away the terrible platforming or maybe make it have more to do with the universes that these characters come from.

And the YouTube excuse, I'm not buying it, if someone gets the cutscenes spoiled for themselves, that was THEIR choice! Allow people to spoil it for themselves if they want to, and respect that there are also many, many, MANY others like myself that deliberately try not to be spoiled!!

And if someone spoils the cutscenes for themselves, they aren't going to go "well now there's no point in buying the game". Everyone buys a Smash Bros. game for the multiplayer!

Sakurai has said some worrying things about this game so far, there won't be a larger number of characters, there won't be any version-exclusive characters, there won't be any 3rd party characters (other than Mega Man). It's just not sounding good, every Smash Bros. game has got BIGGER, this actually sounds like they're taking a giant leap backwards.

And about the platforming in SSE, it was very obvious that the level design was very Kirby-inspired, but the characters were not made for platforming!

Kinda annoying, but hey if they spend there time making it a better running and balanced game with the extra resources and time they now have by not making the story mode or cutscenes, then I'll be fine with it.

I'm kinda disappoint but character customization has me interested. Altering a character's performance sounds awesome.

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