Update: Fez Dev Tells Media Member To Kill Himself

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Given the sheer amount of shit I see tossed at Phil Fish on the internet on a constant basis, this outburst is wholly understandable. Childish and irrational to be sure, but also understandable.

Agreed, holy shit the guy is abused on a daily basis. No wonder he's being a dick.

Wow, way to act like a child and throw a tantrum.

It's a shame, Fez was such genius.


Worthwhile note, when he was talking about Blowfish he was talking about the collective pairing of Jonathan Blow of Braid fame and Phil Fish of Fez fame. Also, like the Blowfish, they're quite tasty but potentially lethal.

He was specifically talking about the pair's tendency to court the media at every opportunity, but immediately lash out the moment the attention they'd created didn't suit them or the coverage moved in a direction they didn't like. Whilst his delivery was typically sweary welshman the point was that 'BlowFish' have set themselves up as the self proclaimed faces of Indy Game Development. Having created that image themselves, they don't get to be surprised when the press turns to them for an opinion. As the 'faces' of an entire industry they have a duty to make that industry look good, not lash out all the time which could hurt many more people and projects than their own.

Unfortunately that seems to have sailed past Fish, who's reverted to type.

Not sure how "self-proclaimed" they are. Both of them feature prominently in Indie Game: The Movie. A project which itself has just seen a recent re-release with additional content. Whether they volunteered to participate or whether they were approached by the filmmakers I don't know but that project no doubt elevated their exposure.

No one in the documentary struck me as particularly unlikeable, though some of their views did seem a bit jaded particularly in reference to AAA game development.

I'm not up to speed with Fish's PR. But what I do know (or am led to believe) is that he generally acts like an unlikable cunt.

Something tells me if that didn't happen, Twitter wouldn't bring "so much ugliness" into his life.

Telling someone to kill themselves (after insulting and lording over them, no less), then cancelling your game after people got mad at you? Christ, might as well be middle school.

I'm really sad that fez 2 got cancelled, i was really looking forward too it. also, has anyone ever considered the possibility the Phil might actually be doing i this on purpose? I mean his twitter profile pic is bleeding Andy Kaufman!

*20 minutes later)*


Oh god... that is awesome...


Given the sheer amount of shit I see tossed at Phil Fish on the internet on a constant basis, this outburst is wholly understandable. Childish and irrational to be sure, but also understandable.

Agreed, holy shit the guy is abused on a daily basis. No wonder he's being a dick.

If he wasn't known for blowing up so easily and dishing it out when he can't take it, then no one would bug him. People are pricks to be sure, but he made himself a hornet's nest for the world to poke. When someone's trying to get a rise out of you, you never give them the joy of knowing they succeeded.

Then he didn't have the sense to either get out of Twitter or to better control his emotions. Emotional problems or not, he wasn't chained to his Twitter feed. He stayed in the cesspit and then complained about being neck-deep in crap.

There's indie devs who don't have to put up with half of what he had because they can control if not themselves then at least their responses. There's also people in gaming hated far more than him that have a far easier time of it because they're smart enough to do things like disable comments on their blogs and not throw themselves into the unmoderated messes of Twitter et al.


Let's be realistic: Why would you care if I got hit by a car tomorrow? Sure you may have a brief moment of "oh, it's sad he got hit by a car", but because I haven't had any significance to your life in any way you probably wouldn't care beyond five minutes. I haven't produced anything note-worthy, not in terms of physical content, social content or something mentally stimulating. Phil Fish, to me, hasn't provided me anything that has been note-worthy to me personally in any way. Therefore, if he offed himself in the near future nothing of value would be lost to me.

Although if you can name someone who has been worth a lot despite not making anything of worth in terms of physical, social or mental content, I'll admit fault.

You are correct, if you got hit by a car tomorrow, I would not lose any sleep over it, because I do not know you and until this point you have not crossed my life today.

But at the same time, I do not spend my time going "If Riobux dies, nothing has been lost", because that's a stupid statement, and it implies that you have no value to anyone in this world.

If there is at least one person who feels the world is better due to your time on it, you have produced value and don't deserve to have your entire life dismissed in 8 words.

Not nearly enough people chiming in on recognizing a well-placed Futurama quote.

That is the truly disappointing aspect of this entire debacle.

I would give my "Personality is paramount in the game industry" and "Being an independent game developer does not separate you from the industry" speeches, but at this point it like beating a dead horse as it pertains to Fish.

this is my biggest fear if i ever become a recognized game dev: me losing my temper and lashing out at every single thing

Bummer, was looking forward to fez 2. Recently played the first one, and thought it was pretty great.

Some people aren't made for social media.

best of luck to him in the future.

Beer needs to fuck off.

Boy do I ever agree with that part. Not a fan of Fish either, but that podcast guy is as big a douche as I've ever seen holding a microphone. "Annoyed Gamer" indeed. Should be called "Entitled Prick".

But whatever. Neither of them come out of this one looking like anything more than idiot man-children, crying for attention.

So when a shitstorm starts brewing on Planet of the Arseholes, in which one do you duck for cover?

At least it would have been that way if it wasn't for that 'Fuck it, no Fez 2 for you' comment from Phil. Not that I care that much for a Fez sequel, but come on... That just turned from two stupid toddlers having a shit-flinging match to one toddler screaming 'I hate EVERYONE! I'm taking my cool toys home with me now!'

So, people here have been pointing out that he both gives and gets a lot of shit from the likes of the media and twitter, with an emphasis on not being able to take his own medicine. Regardless of who's in the right or wrong here, everyone stinks and has slightly less (objectively) nice things in the world.

Is it really that hard to practice some basic self control and human decency? Honest question here.

Just This.
I have nothing more to say.
So have a picture of something cute to hopefully pause you for two seconds.

In my experience, the media usually deserve this sort of thing.

I'd comment on the irony of saying something like that in response to a news story, but I feel the fact that two grown men engaging in one of those cartoon slapping battles being "news" more or less proves my point.

This is a loss to the fans of Fez and to those that were looking forward to the sequel. But from what I've read in the past, he had a very awful attitude and I'm sorry for those who have worked with him on the game may be jobless because of his outburst and arguments on twitter.

Giving a single person so much power (the power of canceling his game) upsets me. He is being very selfish in my eyes.

I really can't wait for Marcus's response, while I don't always agree with Marcus on gaming issues, I certainly like him way more personally than that Mr. Fish. That guy sounds so full of himself it's ridiculous.

Without knowing any historical context, acting like this is very human and that is not something I would hold against him. Dick or not - if this was someone else, would you really hold it against that person to steam up and lash out if they were attacked? How much of a moral high ground should we really expect others to take?

From what I read, he got called a name. Kids get called names everyday in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and you don't see them going, "GO FUCK AND KILL YOURSELF, WAAAAAAAAH" like Fish did.

When a grown adult acts more like a child that an actual kid does, it is sad.

Also, he has no excuse. None. People in this industry all have haters. Do you think Mike Morhime or Gabe Newell acts this way when someone insults them? God no. He needs to grow up.


I thought these indie guys were supposed to be all chill and artsy. Yeah, he gets shit about stuff, but so does everybody else. He isn't special and you don't go around on social media sites saying those things this day and age w/o consequences.

Indie devs seem to be the most prone to lashing out at people who criticize them or their projects, actually. Mostly because, unlike AAA-devs (or at the very least publisher-funded devs) they're generally a small team pumping all of their heart and soul into a project and rarely doing it just for the paycheck (not to say the bigger teams only do it for the paycheck, but there's more lost in the translation when the team is 200 people instead of five).

OT: Cancelling the game seems kinda like an overreaction to me. But hey, it's his prerogative.

I have nothing more to say.
So have a picture of something cute to hopefully pause you for two seconds.

That pic is awesome. Good find sir and/or madam.

Andy of Comix Inc:
You know, considering Fish's history - continuing? - with astute depression, I'm more worried than angry now. I hope he didn't go off to... do... what he suggested... to himself. Oh, geez.

Is his depression incredibly accurate or did you mean to say acute? I am with you though, I would hope he wouldn't follow his own advice here.

OT: When you tend to overreact and do so publicly, why would you not expect rude comments designed to illicit such reactions? I can understand that he isn't the one starting it, and that being called out for his comment when nobody was calling out the ones who were "attacking" him, but this is effectively career suicide when you give in to these urges to respond like this. I hope he learns a valuable lesson from this experience, but somehow I doubt it.

Not nearly enough people chiming in on recognizing a well-placed Futurama quote.

That is the truly disappointing aspect of this entire debacle.

Finally, you're the first person I saw to recognize it. I just spent 10 minutes looking for a video of Bender saying it, sadly this best of bender video doesn't have it.

OT: Having seen the guy's previous tweets he's beyond arrogant so this doesn't surprise me as much as when I first read it.


Given the sheer amount of shit I see tossed at Phil Fish on the internet on a constant basis, this outburst is wholly understandable. Childish and irrational to be sure, but also understandable.

Agreed, holy shit the guy is abused on a daily basis. No wonder he's being a dick.

To be fair he did start it with that comment on japanese games, then when people tried to prove him wrong, he responded very harshly and disapropriate.

Go watch that Jimquisition about Phil Fish, there's one on there where some guy says that hes talking smack about games yet hasn't released one(this was before FEZ was released) and he responds with "suck my dick. choke on it" because he won an award based off of his game.

EDIT: Found the tweet.

This _cannot_ be the reason Fez 2 is cancelled.

I mean, not that I care, but isn't polytron interactive independently published?
It's not like anyone important would care about this guy saying some shitty thing on twitter and cancel the partnership, right? Because that would be the real story, imo.

Having watched Indie Game The Movie, it is fairly clear that Fish is quite a troubled man. He's been placed (or perhaps, has placed himself) in a very stressful position and he doesn't cope with stress well. Fez was a brilliant game, and Fish is an amazing developer. He would do well to get someone else to do all his PR so he doesn't need to speak at or listen to all the bullshit he (undeservedly) receives. Beer has shown a very unprofessional attitude by getting personal in the first place. He had the gall to call for a boycott of coverage of games by Fish and Jonathan Blow because they neglect answering media questions. Sounds like another completely useless journalist - exactly what the industry doesn't need!

To talk of "career ending blunders" sounds a little too, ahem, hopeful on the part of the author?

Lashing out like this is surely not classy. Demanding an apology after lashing out suggests a lack of self-reflection that borders on mental illness. But he does have a point that it doesn't paint anyone in glory to suggest that their status as a "critic" or "satirist" renders them above criticism or blowback for their own comments, however badly Fish might have said so.

If the target of his ire wants to get outraged, he's welcome to it. I'm not interested in joining a torch-bearing mob over this one; the indignation seems badly misplaced.

Not going to defend Mr. Fishs comments, even though I think people are blowing it WAAAAAY out of proportion. Especially when one realizes that the latter part of his tweet was a Futurama reference and therefore a joke.

But this is the internet, after all. And the only sense of humor people have 'round here is one that involves either lol-cats or picking on people and being cruel. So...oh well.

Anyway, while I'm not defending Fishs tweet, I am going to agree with him and a few others in saying that Mr. Beer can fuck right off. His remarks towards Phil Fish and Johnathan Blow were unwarranted, needlessly confrontational, unceremoniously personal, and completely tasteless. The guy is a colossal prick and deserves as equal a level of ire and ridicule as Phil Fish is receiving.

Seriously....fuck Marcus Beer. What a twat.

Again, throw this onto the list of why nobody should use Twitter.

You know, I can kind-of get why Phil Fish would be this upset. He wanted to make a calm, lively, and pretty puzzle game but ended up going through difficult legal hoops and near-constant criticism that still persists to this day. However, he REALLY needs to take some stress management classes. Not only was the first offense going onto the internet, but believing and justifying his statements about telling people to kill themselves was one of the worst things he could have done. I hope that Phil Fish will be able to get his head in a more stable place before he continues using Twitter again.

If someone called me a tosspot I'd be pretty pissed off too. And in public? In front of an audience? Phil Fish was not only scrutinised, he was ridiculed and personally attacked verbally.

Of course, the article doesn't show that very well because the writer is clearly biased.

I'm not saying Phil Fish is a stand up guy, not even close. And maybe he did cross the line? But that line was crossed beforehand. He had ample motivation for what he said through no fault of his own as far as I can tell.

He wasn't actually telling them to kill themselves, he was making a Futurama reference. People seem to be overreacting.


But this is the internet, after all. And the only sense of humor people have 'round here is one that involves either lol-cats or picking on people and being cruel. So...oh well.

It's not so much a lack of humor as the reference being just obscure enough that people who aren't avid followers of the show wouldn't get it; I should know, I missed it myself.

And given the way the guy has reacted to other subjects in the past, it's not beyond reasonable to assume he meant something like that seriously.

This just in, Phil Fish acts like a total asshole, acts like he is above people, and then tries to justify his dickish behavior by claiming he is the victim.

Oh, it seems we have another breaking scoop. It turns out Oxygen exists.

I know Phil is in an industry where people are gonna say nasty things over the internet about him on a weirdly personal level over just a game, and I can sympathize with that to a degree. But guess what Philly-boy (dunno why I'm typing this as if he's going to read it...) You aren't special there. Anyone with even a modicum of fame is going to get their share of internet backlash just like you, in fact a lot of them probably get it way worse because you're mostly just known in gaming circles. Heck, I've been gaming my whole life and I probably wouldn't even know who Phil Fish was if he wasn't known for being such an asshole. Literally how I heard about him and his game was one of many articles where he insulted someone over some criticism.

Imagine if one of the Kardashians (Kim? Is one of them Kim? Lets go with Kim) told people to fuck off and kill themselves and then demand an apology every time someone said a negative thing about her? She wouldn't even have time to breathe or stare in one of her reality TV programs.

You put yourself in a position where you offer a product to the world, and guess what? That means you also opened yourself up to criticism of both the product and of yourself. If you can't handle that, maybe you should just try another career where it's illegal for people to criticize your work and your behavior.

I hear Mars needs someone to dust rocks. Maybe you could try that.

What is it about Indie devs and turning out to be colossal twats?

Man, you're right, you really revolutionised the industry with your quirky puzzle platformer with retro-esque graphics and subversive undertones, I'm sure nobody else in the indie scene has even thought of doing such a thing.

Row row fight da powah ¬_¬

You have to attempt to look at it from his prospective, which almost none of the posts I've read so far have tried to do (it's mostly people instinctively calling him a man-child or likewise, without much hesitation). Because of the success of Fez, I don't believe that Fish is really all that obligated to make more games if he doesn't want to. After all, he does't really need money from making games to get by anymore. So if he continues making Fez II it's purely out of want. He can easily go on and pursue other things.

So, if he finds himself getting verbally abused by the same people who plan to play his game and then has the gaming media take his words way out of context (like the comment he made about Japanese games being twisted to being a hate speech about Japanese culture as a whole) with the expressed purpose of making him look like a terrible person. Why the hell would he put himself through the stress of making a game (video game development is an extremely stressful job with or without people saying shit about you) if all you will get in return is news headline about how he's an asshole. having his public image being thrashed by people he doesn't know (and sure as hell really don't know him) without being able to do anything because if he retaliates, he only gets more flack.

If you had a job that you did not need to make ends meet and hated most of the people you worked with, wouldn't you quit?

If you had a girlfriend you hated and didn't really need her to be happy, wouldn't you just dump her?

It's not childish, it just makes sense, you'd be stupid not to.

If I was in his shoes, I would probably would do the same (minus the Futurama reference, solid as it was).

P.S. even though most famous developers (like most public figures) get shit thrown there way all the time, Phil (like Jon Blow) tends to have his public image be twisted to something that most likely doesn't resemble who he actually is in a very negative way more than others. People's ability to tolerate it varies. It's not like the quantity of the negativity is trivial.

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