Blomkamp's Elysium Wins Box Office Race

Blomkamp's Elysium Wins Box Office Race

Not quite as healthy a financial margin as District 9, but still respectable.

Neill Blomkamp's fantastic science fiction epic Elysium triumphed over all comers in its opening weekend, taking in US domestic box of $30.5 million. It wasn't quite as fantastic a return as Blomkamp's District 9 enjoyed - which took $37.4 million at launch - but still a very respectable result. "We love being in the Neill Blomkamp business," says Sony Worldwide's Rory Bruer. "He's a great storyteller, and this film will be a big success for the studio."

Overseas numbers have also been very encouraging. It opened in its first 17 territories this weekend, taking in $10.9 million. Yes, my $10 ticket is somewhere in that figure. Russia and Taiwan were the two biggest markets for Blomkamp's latest, making up $8.5 million of that figure between them. It was a busy opening weekend for Elysium, but it still managed to triumph over comedy flick We're The Millers, which took the number 2 spot overall. IMAX is undoubtedly the place to see it, if you can, and in the US IMAX sales took in about 16% of the total gross.

Blomkamp's just hoping everyone checks out his film and, so far at least, he seems to be getting his wish. At least he's having better luck than Del Toro!

Source: Hollywood Reporter


Ugh, too tired after attending a wedding to go this weekend... still planning to see it soon though. Still, in the end I'm glad it didn't need my money to make decent cash this weekend so I don't need to feel guilty about my weakness.

I would check it out, but I can't because it releases on the 15th in New Zealand. (Which admittly isn't that bad of a wait compared to other movies/games/TV series).

Great news and well deserved.

I'm pleased. It's not getting the sort of showing in my local cinema as some of the big big blockbuster releases, so I'm pleased to hear it's doing well. I plan on checking it out asafp.

It was a very solid movie. There were some things about the story that didn't make sense but the extremes used were for allegorical effect so they shouldn't be too hard for most to look past. It wasn't on par with District 9, but still one of the best sci-fi movies that have been done in a long time. Certainly it was the best sci-fi movie I saw this summer and that includes Pacific Rim.

I'm glad, I really liked the movie. I kinda feel bad for it though because it has to be compared to District 9.

Havnt watched this yet but i intend to when i get the time. Loved District 9 and his short movies. Only bad thing is that people in some reviews stick the "next James Cameron" label on him which is wrong. Remember they did that to M Night? Thing is james Cameron got good through making movies. His first movie was Piranha 2 from what i remember. Saying to a new director that he is a world class director after only making 1 movie is bad for their career as they will never evolve, learn and become better. James Cameron become great because he learnt his craft, same as Spielberg. If you think your top of your game now, why would you think you need to learn?

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Really want to watch this movie. Glad Blomkamp is doing well. He never makes dumb action movies that seems to be the norm these days. He is one director that deserves to be a success.

I saw it this past weekend, and I really liked it. That and Pacific Rim are by far the best sci-fi action films I've seen this summer. Kinda surprised me that it was in one of the smaller theaters, especially since it was getting good reviews. But it's good to hear that it's doing well regardless.

Really enjoyed Elysium, definitely deserves to be seen even if the underlying message might be too blunt and overdone for some people. I just can't get over how amazing Neil Blomkamp's movies look, all the technology comes off so disturbing real like the robots in Elysium and the mechanized suit from District 9.

I'm tempted, but I also didn't like District 9. Still, movies are four bucks in my town, so it's not like it's a huge investment.

Either way, always good to see original sci-fi doing well.

Elysium is really good and I'm glad it's doing well in the domestic box office, but Del Toro isn't exactly doing poorly with Pacific Rim. It's grossed almost $345 million worldwide.

I would like to point out that, while with worldwide taken into account the film has grossed $41.3 million, in the eyes of the producers it's only actually made $30.5 million. The reason why has to do with how HOLLYWOOD producers view a success; it's not whether something makes its money back worldwide, it's whether something meets it's cost and earns a profit in the domestic market that it's marketing the film towards. Elysium may be able to do this, but with $60 million more to go in it's $90 million budget, it's going to have to work to get it. My point is that even if the film makes it's budget back, or even makes a profit, through worldwide distribution, it's going to need to make it's money back in the domestic if Blomkamp wishes to earn similar support/funding for his next film. In fact, there's definitely going to be more of a pressure for Blomkamp here because of District 9; that is to say that when it only took $30 million to produce and ended up grossing $115 million domestic, producers see that as the sign of someone that can earn well above their budget, and quickly. So if nothing else, this weekend may have the producers worried that a film with a big budget and big name stars hasn't been able to keep the pace with a film with a fairly low budget with a completely unknown cast.

I'm not sure if I'm going to see the film to be perfectly honest. For whatever reason it just didn't grab me when the trailers came out, and while reviews have been positive, audience reaction seems to be a bit more varied. I think my problem is that it seems like everyone's doing sci-fi now, which a few years ago would sound great but now it just feels a bit generic to the point that, I won't lie, there was a period of time where I was unable to tell the sci-fi releases apart, such as confusing and always mixing up Oblivion with Elysium.

I loved District 9, and Elysium is pretty fucking great too. Glad to see that Blomkamp's getting the success he deserves.

Well, We're The Millers looks like yet another unfunny, stupid, stoner comedy, but compared to Elysium, it's no contest. And after hearing this propaganda piece earning more money than it should (i.e. it made money), I'm definitely going to watch We're The Millers. Hell, I might go see it twice.

Elysium won the weekend in the box office, eh? This should make MovieBob happy. I didn't see it (yet), because MovieBob's review made it sound super Anvilicious; I saw We're The Millers, and goddamn, was it funny! I defy anyone to say a movie with Jennifer Aniston pole-dancing is a bad thing!

There really seems to be a lot of people that have a problem with the fact that Blomkamp has a distinct message he wants to put forth in his films.

Between this and the movie bob thread, a lot of people spew hate for the fact that it is a "left wing propaganda" film and such.

Even if you don't agree with the message, don't people really think that the artist creating said work has a right to say whatever they feel like in a film they are making?

I read on the movie bob thread comments about why the film should have explored other views on the 1% and that they are not all bad and what not. Kind of ridiculous really.

Even from a completely cynical standpoint that is ridiculous.

If you make a film glorifying or defending the 1% (however true or not your story is) you are making a film to appeal to .. well.. that 1%. Which wouldn't make sense from a financial point of view. You make a film that defends and empowers the 99% well.. it's going to appeal to a much broader audience, even if their are a lot of people who disagree with the message, your appeal is going to be greater.

Also, a lot of people don't seem to take into account the cultural differences between the US and South Africa, because.. well, it's a holywood film (maybe?)?

Cultural and economic disparity are a welcome topic of conversation in film for me, whether i agree with the message or not, because at least it is giving something to talk about that isn't just run of the mill. Any artwork that stimulates discussion and gets people to learn something (whether in favour of , or against said artwork) is a good thing.

Michael Moore is a good example of this in my opinion. To be honest, he is no better than the people he riles against, however, he gives a lot of people a new look at certain things, and gets a lot of people thinking about issues they otherwise wouldn't take notice of. Stimulating thought and discussion is never a bad thing, even if you disagree with the views being expressed.

Rant over.

Can't wait to see this film, if for no other reason that Blomkamp's worlds LOOK and FEEL incredible.

I'll be watching it this Thursday (launch day here in Australia)


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