Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Conjures a Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Conjures a Gameplay Trailer

The Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored is out today and Bethesda is marking the magic moment with a gameplay trailer narrated by none other than Daud himself.

Continuing the tale of the legendary assassin Daud, the man who murdered the Empress, The Brigmore Witches is the final DLC release for Bethesda's hit action game Dishonored. Picking up where The Knife of Dunwall left off, Daud must maneuver his way through the warring Dead Eels and Hatters to disrupt Delilah's performance of a powerful ritual that will bring about his doom, and ultimately meet his destiny at the hands of the Royal Bodyguard, Corvo Attano.

It's a sexy trailer, and more important, the DLC made a solid impression on Josh Vanderwall when he took it out for a spin earlier this month. And in another nice touch, powers, weapons, upgrades, Chaos level and player actions can all be imported into The Brigmore Witches from existing Knife of Dunwall saves.

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches is now available worldwide on Steam and Xbox Live, and on the PlayStation Network in North America; it will hit the PlayStation Network in Europe tomorrow.


Oh my god you get to fight Corvo. This... this is all I wanted.

From what I've played so far (First two missions in full, halfway through third), it's a fantastic DLC for Low-Chaos players- challenging, fun and the import system makes it all good.

If I get to replay that fight between Corvo and Daud as the latter this time around, this is going to kick serious ass.

I'm going to warn some people about the auto save files.

Save often!

In this DLC, if overwrites whatever auto save you load from. So if you walk through a door, complete an objective and mess up, load back to the door, and complete the objective and mess up again, then the door auto-save will be gone and you will now have 2 saves from the time you messed up.

The end of the last mission hit me pretty hard, had to do the whole thing again :(

Otherwise this DLC is awesome.


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