Final Fantasy VII Characters Turned Into Adorable 3D Sculptures

Final Fantasy VII Characters Turned Into Adorable 3D Sculptures

Artist Joaquin Baldwin has created Final Fantasy VII figures based off of in-game models.

We're going to put it right out there and say that Final Fantasy VII is an ugly game. Go ahead and adore the story, characters, gameplay, world and music all you want, but lord almighty has that game not aged well visually. That being the case, can someone please explain to us why we adore these 3D sculptures so much? They're based off of the same in-game models we just finished criticizing, but somehow these figures are just about the most charming bit of (unofficial) memorabilia we've seen in a long time.

Made by artist Joaquin Baldwin, the various figures were all created with the aid of a 3D printer. Currently, he's selling them individually on his Etsy page where fans can pick them up for about fifteen to thirty dollars a piece. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts; we're guessing that Baldwin doesn't have Square Enix's approval for any of this. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of Final Fantasy VII, we're going to go right ahead and place these in the "must have" category. Seriously, what are you waiting for? We're ordering a Chocobo (along with Cloud, Sephiroth and Red XIII) as we speak. When you're done that you can then check out Baldwin's YouTube channel, where he's also posted some nifty original animated shorts.

Source: Kotaku


I am ordering a chocobo now. Yay for this guy. <3

I'm not gonna lie. I love this. Each one looks amazing. Even as a fan of FFVII, I will admit that the game has not aged well, but these figures look great. And they do look very faithful to the original in game models.

I guarantee that Square will be issuing a cease and desist order sooner or later, though. And they honestly have the right to. Still, it would be cool if they actually gave the guy permission and partnered with him to sell them. However, that's highly unlikely.

I need to go. I don't have enough money to start buying these like I want to.

I forsee Squeenix casting Lawsuitaga in the near future, then a few months later selling identical statues for $50 a piece.

Whilst FFVII is butt-ugly these models actually use the style well. Gotta love that chocobo!

Must buy them all before Square ruins it.

I'm usually very frugal but you know what? Fuck it, Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, Aerith and Red XIII are on their way.

You reckon I'll get a refund when Squeenix shuts this guy down before he ships my order?

I wonder why Reno is the only one with a glaring inaccuracy (hair color) the rest of them seem pretty dead on... Maybe it's a limitation of the 3d Printer? Or maybe he's just printing the Turks cheaper than the rest of the characters... they are fairly minor in the big scheme of things.

Oh how I want these....

(and I am not a big fan of VII...)

I would so order a couple of those if I had some disposable income at the moment. Alas.

Aaaaaaaaaand, it's gone.

Sometimes I think copyright law is less about protecting creativity and more about stifling it.

IMO squeenix had every right to pull the plug on this. Making money off of someone else's IP is wrong. Maybe if he was giving the money to charity or something but not something like this.


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