Plants vs Zombies 2 Shoots Up On US iOS Store

Plants vs Zombies 2 Shoots Up On US iOS Store

Big Bad Butte? Are we in Vegas?

It's only available on the US store for the moment, but Plants vs Zombies 2, the sequel to PopCap's addictive die-die-die ZOMBIE WITH BUCKET ON HEAD MUST DIE *ahem* game, is out. You can squish zombies. Also pinch, flick and zap, apparently, in three new zones: Pyramid of Doom (ancient Egypt), Pirate's Booty (you don't really need me to spell that one out, do you?) and Big Bad Butte, with its dastardly Chicken Wrangler Zombies out there ready to spoil your lawn.

"The future holds many mysteries," says PopCap. "Also, zombies. Lots and lots of zombies." Yes, there are new zombies, and also new plants, like the Bonk Choi, Bloomerang and Lightning Reed. This is a free game, which means (all together now) MICROTRANSACTIONS. Would you like a Snow Pea? $3.99. Howsabout an Imitater? That'll be $2.99, as will the Jalapeno and Squash.

All the auguries indicate that the worldwide release is due August 15th, but it's difficult to get a really good augury from plant entrails. For those of you wondering, this is just an iOS release; PopCap isn't in a hurry to release this on other platforms. That doesn't mean an Android release is off the table, but maybe you shouldn't hold your breath.

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I thought that the micro-transactions would be for OP plants or in-game currency. If you have to pay for separately for basic plants like the squash and jalapeno, it's not worth it.

I hope it gets a proper version for the PC.

Damn it EA! I was just going to cut you some slack after that humble bundle! Why did you have to do something THAT stupid?

I know this is straight after their good bit of PR for the millennium but **** EA.

its out in AUS already, and has been for quite some time now.

The Verge has a review up that indicates that the microtransactions are just for unlocking story stuff and that it's not difficult at all to never spend any money on the game. It didn't sound like specific plants were paywalled, or rather the paywall was really easy to get around.

I just cannot wrap my head around F2P, especially when a review touts "you never have to pay" as part of it. Because I actually do want to pay. I bought PvZ on PC and for my DS. It was a cool game and this game looks good too. So, I want to pay them.

However, I'm cheap. I feel like I understand a normal transaction. Ah, your game is on sale for $10. I pay $10, and I get the whole game. Nice and simple.

When I play something that is F2P, I just feel like I'm getting ripped off any time I pay. PvZ2 sounds like the model is based on giving you bonuses and unlocking levels faster. So, by paying, the game gets easier? Why would I do that? It's like those stupid pre-order bonuses that give you an OP weapon and armor. Why would I do that?

Other games tie customization to money. I can't handle that either. I'm playing an awesome game. Why would I spend $1 on a stupid hat in the game. I don't want to pay for a stupid hat. I want to pay for this awesome game.

Of course, there are also the Candy Crush Saga style payment systems that would allow me to pay for free so that I can encourage my less stable facebook "friends" to spend tons of money on it to keep ahead of me or whatever. It's great that you get to totally pay for free, but that's only because a handful of "whales" are being heavily manipulated to pour ridiculous amounts of cash into the game.

Obviously, I should just pick a random amount and buy some random junk I don't want to pay them if I like a game, but that just feels so wrong. I'm really not able to articulate this well, but I just can't stand the whole F2P paradigm.

From the Plants vs Zombie 2 page on the App Store:

Top 10 In App Purchases

1. Plant - Snow Pea $3.99
2. Bundle - Torch $7.99
3. Plant - Power Lily $2.99
4. Upgrade - Plant Food Bonus $2.99
5. Upgrade - Bonus Seed Slot $3.99
6. Plant - Imitater $2.99
7. Plant - Jalapeno $2.99
8. Plant - Squash $2.99
9. Bundle - Power $9.99
10. Bundle - Starter Promo $2.99

It's a shame really PopCap decided to go this route because I as a rule refuse to play game with microtransactions. It's my belief that once microtransactions are introduced 9 times out of 10 the game stops being a game and simply turns into a means to get you to buy things. It turns games into a treadmill of sorts designed to get you to fall into a cycle where you keep playing and keep spending money.

I loved the first game and I'm really disappointed that it seems I won't be playing the second one. In short fuck EA, fuck PopCap, and fuck this game.

It's on the UK Apple store as well, I just downloaded it.

From what I have played it's basically the same game but with slightly sharper (but less cute) graphics. It's not that much different from the first game except you have to buy some of the plants that were available before, and unlock others in-game as normal. Which is a step backwards in my opinion. I'd rather pay £6.99 like before and just get the game properly.

There are some new zombie types, although some are just re-skinned. There is also a new 'plant food' feature which is probably the most interesting addition. You collect it and drop it on a plant and it gives it a special ability.

The problem is that it's on IOS and iPhone's are really not designed with this kind of thing in mind, they are too small.

I will play it when bored, but I cannot see any reason to actually pay for anything. Especially considering they were not priced out in the last one and are identical.

Aw, man. I liked Plants vs. Zombies. It's a real shame that they had to go this route with the game, because I'm not playing it if my favourite plant, the Snow Pea, is acquired through microtransactions. I mean, $4 for a virtual plant in a game? Jeez, that's awful!

I'll just load up the good PvZ and play that instead because there is literally not a single ounce of good coming down the line for this franchise, thx again EA.


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