Sarah's Jenner Finishes With $122,200

Sarah's Jenner Finishes With $122,200

Mechwarrior Online players who purchased Sarah's Jenner have raised more than $122,000 for cancer research.

Sarah's Jenner, a Mechwarrior Online campaign in support of cancer research, came to a close yesterday with $122,200 raised for the Canadian Cancer Society. The program was launched in July in memory of five-year-old Sarah Parries, a Mechwarrior Online fan who died of cancer in May, following an "outpouring of support" from players in the wake of her passing.

"The MechWarrior community was so touched by this young girl's story that they really drove what happened next," said Infinite Game Publishing President Kelly Zmak. "Reading through thousands of comments on our forums and social pages, IGP and Piranha agreed immediately to create an in-game Mech in Sarah's honor for charity."

"We were hoping to raise at least $10,000. We reached $38,000 in the first 48 hours and it just kept going from there," added Piranha Games Creative Director Bryan Ekman. "Our fans are incredible and we can't thank them enough."

The full amount, minus third-party transaction fees, will be presented to the Canadian Cancer Society in a special ceremony attended by Sarah's family on August 23. IGP and Piranha also encouraged gamers to continue supporting cancer research in Sarah's name by donating to their local cancer society.


I was happy to help. I love piloting it too, performing point capture duets with other Sarah's Jenners. It's like playing militant Journey with 35 ton killing machines! :D

I'd love to see the mainstream media pick up a positive gaming story for a change. But they won't.

I'm a bit surprised a 5 year old was a fan of Mechwarrior Online, but hey! I'm glad that so much got donated to cancer research.

It is always fun to run with that mech but then you remember you have no jump-jets and smash cockpit first into a building.

I'm a bit surprised a 5 year old was a fan of Mechwarrior Online, but hey! I'm glad that so much got donated to cancer research.

I was 5 when I played Mechwarrior 2. I couldn't read any of the text only briefings and thus had no idea what any of the mission objectives were, but I remained content with my wanton destruction of escort objectives.

I'm a proud pilot of Sarah's Jenner. Started the game two weeks ago and found it really fun and then I couldn't help but contribute for the cause. I love hopping in to the Jenner because it's stylish and makes me feel good about myself.

I'm a bit surprised a 5 year old was a fan of Mechwarrior Online, but hey! I'm glad that so much got donated to cancer research.

Her dad introduced her to Battletech and played with her, but she was playing the game mostly on her own. Her favorite mech was her Jenner JR7-D, and she liked to use Medium Lasers and Streak-SRM2s, so she could 'lock on'. Naturally, Sarah's Jenner comes with 4 Medium Lasers and 2 SSRM2 launchers (which is actually a really good build). Her dad supplied the artwork to the dev team, and Sarah's Jenner is covered with hearts and smiley faces and bandaids and stars and even has a huge pink unicorn on the back. :D

I piloted a JR7-D before, and I instantly replaced it with Hers. I was one of the first 200 to buy it, and it always brings a smile to my face whenever I pilot it. :D

Damn, I thought this ended on the 23rd.

Oh well, I just I'll just donate directly then.

Anyways, its a great success, and I'm sure some people donated more money after they paid into MWO. A shame that nobody will read the story about a father and his daughter bonding via videogame and various people all uniting into the same cause of funding a a cancer research group simply because they play the same game as a person affected by it (positive globalization via videogames). Nooooo, we have to have a segment dedicated to talk about four seconds of side-boob in Mass Effect.

Stuff like this shows that despite all the bullshit thrown around in the gaming community we still do some pretty great things.


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