Shadow Warrior Trailer: Wangtastic Features

Shadow Warrior Trailer: Wangtastic Features

Shadow Warrior is coming to the party with more cutting edge, high-tech 2.0 features than you can shake a mystical katana at.

I don't know if Shadow Warrior will be any good (although the preview release was a blast) but I am confident that if it's not, it won't be because the little things were overlooked. The finer points. The details.

And I'm not talking about just bullets here, or slicing up dudes with a smooth ease that borders on the magic of interpretive dance. No, I'm talking about the things you don't notice that really bring a game world alive. Fully destructible bicycles? Got it. Optional katana maintenance? Got it. Tasteful product placement? It's in there. Advanced fish physics? You better believe it. This is what really pulls a game together, kids.

Smart marketing is still marketing and this could all add up to nothing, but I do like what I see so far and I very much hope that Shadow Warrior lives up to its promise. Look for it to hit Steam, GOG, Get Games and the Humble Store on September 26.


This trailer has Fork Parker written all over it.

I also have a 10% discout cupon for this game...

Heh, saw Jesse Cox play this some weeks(?) ago. Looked pretty fun, I will buy it... Next month, when I can afford it.

I saw TotalBiscuit's WTF is... on this thing and it sold me on the game immediately. I can't wait for the 26th.

To be honest the product placement is very well placed, I mean, it makes sense to have something real instead of a fake company/product if you are going to have anything of that.

Well, I definitely like what I see so far, it looks like Shadow Warrior alright, we just need the anime girls and potty humor and I'd call it a day :P

Andy Chalk:
Advanced fish physics? You better believe it.


The game Call of Duty or the actual fish?"


Im sold...


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