The Stanley Parable Torments Let's Play Host for Fun

The Stanley Parable Torments Let's Play Host for Fun

The Stanley Parable is almost ready to play - but are you ready for it?

The Stanley Parable was originally a 2011 mod for Half Life 2. It quickly attracted attention due to its masterful deconstruction of video game stories - though if you want to know any more about it, you're probably better off downloading the mod to try it for yourself. It was enough of a success that a new and improved version is being developed as a sequel/expansion: the "HD Remix". A new trailer (of sorts) was just released starring YouTube Let's Player ChilledChaos, and... well, just have a look.

It's difficult to talk about The Stanley Parable without ruining the experience, and the game's developer Davey Wreden is acutely aware of that fact. Information on the new game has been sparse at best, though he has mentioned that the new and improved version will feature roughly three times as much content as the Source mod. And of course, we know that Kevan Brighting will be returning to provide the honeyed voice of the Narrator and keep Stanley company in his surreal quest.

Wreden recently announced an October 2013 release date for the remake-sequel thing, putting its launch only weeks away. If you're curious you can find plenty of screenshots and misinformation over on the game's Steam Greenlight page. Aside from that, you should probably spend the coming weeks building up your self-esteem: if the Narrator's twisted demeanor hasn't improved in the past two years, you'll need it.

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It's time once again to tell the story about a man named Stanley.

I loved the mod. Looking forward to this version's release.

Great trailer too, the Raphael one on the same channel is also hilarious.

It seems the hallway is playing cheatsy doodles with you.

I am ready to experience life, once again, as Stanley. And it shall be interesting. Peculiar, as some might say.
But that shall be a tale told another day, leaving only the anticipation. Isn't that fun?
Waiting for something is quite the fun time. You dream, you think, your imagination wanders...
And the Parable awaits.

This game is a MUST PLAY! It is upon reflection my favorite story ever told from a videogame. It is told in a way that only a videogame can. It essentially pits the player against their own instincts of trying to break a game and ignore what you are suppose to do. Making a story you can TRUELY only experience.

Watched the Freelance Astronauts LP of the original. Maxwell Adams managed to get the best ending first, I feel. Had the same attitude as I did when people told me the same things about Bioshock or Spec Ops: The Line. The deconstruction just didn't work for me.

Yessssss. Been waiting for this for a long time now. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on it.

Now this, this is a damn good game.

Though explaining why to most people will make you sound... ..odd.

Does Stanley's Parable really need an "HD Remix"? I mean it seems like the type of game that could be text based and still work just as well.

Damn, I never played that mod. But this... looks awesome! I'll have to try that.

Loved The Stanley Parable. Looking forward to seeing how they're expanding upon the original.

perfect. i am going to buy this now and waste more time on something pointless to mentally dig out what ever sanity i have left....... i need this

Look at the FAQs on this web page. It's amazing!

Looking forward to it. The Stanley Parable sent chills up my spine the first time I played it through; one of the few exercises in deconstruction that I feel genuinely hold up. Can't wait to revisit it.

For some reason I expected some guy named Stanley trolling a let's play live feed. I was wondering who Stanley was that would make me care that he was messing with some let's player like that. For some reason I was thinking it was some eccentric Indie game developer being a jackass in public.

Not sure if I am disappointed or not that I was mistaken.

I was confused when I heard Chilled's voice, I thought I was watching another video of him on another window.
But yes, I do love Chilled, he is one of my favorite Let's Players and I am glad that he got the chance to do this.

... I'm probably going to watch him play this.
Then I might play it for myself, but it does look cool like the previous game.


I still haven't playd through all the possibilities in the mod, but I must say I'm completely amazed. I agree that this is definitely one of the best experiences I've had with a videogame, my jaw was literally hanging so many times during the game.

This is just genius.


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