Game of Thrones Goes 8-Bit in Free Platformer

Game of Thrones Goes 8-Bit in Free Platformer

Spanish artist Abel Alves has produced a Game of Thrones platformer that lets players jump and fight their way through the lands of Westeros.

When we think of the bloody, treacherous and lusty world of Game of Thrones, the first thing that naturally come to mind is sidescroller platforming. Okay, maybe that's not the first thing, but when you really think about it the two wouldn't be a terrible fit. The books and show both take their audiences to diverse locations, confront their protagonists with varied challenges, and even provide said heroes ("heroes" said with many finger quotes) with unique skill sets.

Obviously seeing the same potential that we do, indie developer Abel Alves has produced a platformer that transforms the aforementioned characters into chibi-style sprites running around pixelated versions of Westeros and the lands across the narrow sea. A trailer for the game seems to show off levels based on the adventures of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. A seconds-long sequence at the trailer's end would also suggest that you can play as, or at least meet, another character of a slightly more evil alignment, as well.

Alves' Game of Thrones platformer is free-to-play, which should hopefully keep the cease-and-desist hounds at bay for awhile. We haven't had a chance to try it ourselves just yet, but it looks like a fun little romp. That said, we wouldn't mind some outside opinions on its quality, so feel free to give it a play and let us know what you think. Is Abel Alves' Game of Thrones game worthy of the Iron Throne or is it better suited for the headsman's block?

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Getting past the popup-laden adfest of a site might be challenge for some though.

To get the game I almost downloaded a download manager and winzip as well as closed several other popups - Very Dodgey.
To get started I also translated the site from Spanish ( I got google to do it before I saw the Union Jack )

Edit: It also crashes when I try to run it.

I'm sorry to be 'that guy' but that's nothing like 8 bit. Far more like 16 bit.

I'm sorry to be 'that guy' but that's nothing like 8 bit. Far more like 16 bit.

Don't underestimate what 8-bit can do! ;)

8-bit / 16-bit are just broad strokes to describe fidelity.

In reality 8 bit just means a number up to 255 and 16 bit means a number up to 65535.

So 16 bit sound can contain more volume levels than 8 bit and 16 bit color palettes can contain more color levels than 8 bit palettes.

Different consoles and computers implemented elegant workarounds to their limitations by using hardware sprites, swappable palettes and interrupts timed to a TV's scanline.

I'd say from the video ('cos I still can't get the game to run) that it's more like a 16bit Amiga game due to the number of colors used.

I am probably the only person to recognize what game that background in the title screen is from.

Who's the guy at the end supposed to be? I've seen every episode so far, but that bit's drawing a blank.

Gameplay looks standard, maybe a little slow. Seems like a fun game if you're into GoT and once owned a NES.


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