Incognita Spy Turn Based Strategy Alpha Opens With Sneaky Video

Incognita Spy Turn Based Strategy Alpha Opens With Sneaky Video

The Alpha's only available on Windows PC, for now.

Ever wonder what life would be like if, instead of blasting Sectoids, your team of highly skilled professionals was breaking into someone's secret base and stealing all the intel it can get its hands on? Incognita, the turn based strategy spy title from Klei Entertainment, the Don't Starve folks, has it covered. There may be some pesky guards, laser beams, and locked doors between you and your target, but - with a little bit of careful planning - you can work around that. Not sure how? Take a look at this alpha footage, and find out.

"Because the game is still in the early stages, we're expecting the game to change significantly as we test and iterate on major features," says Klei's James Lantz, as he announces the opening of pre-orders and the alpha launch. If you're willing to put some cash on the line - $16.99 if you don't want the soundtrack, $19.99 if you do - then you get alpha build access, and can futz around in a world that's basically built, but lacks many major progression systems and a huge chunk of the content. You'll have to be a Windows PC user to get in, but if you do, Klei wants your feedback as it builds the game for its 2014 launch. Yes, pre-orders get access to all future Alpha, Beta and finished versions.

For those who want to know more, Incognita has a website, where you can sign your soul away. While this is a PC title for the moment, other platforms may become available later in the development process. Recommended specs for Alpha build volunteers can be found here.

Source: PC Gamer


oh that looks interesting and has an art style similar to evil genius as well

Aw cool. I'd heard that Klei had a TBS spy game coming out. I'll keep an eye on that for sure.

Wow! How can Klei ALWAYS have such amazing art direction in their games?! Needless to say I'll be keeping an eye on this

That does look like a party. Even if it isn't any good it may be worth picking up just because of that beautiful beautiful art style.

The alpha level while short is fun and does a good job of showing how both stealth and combat will work. I am mostly just waiting for the progression to come into play so we can get the harder levels. The feel of the game and the art have made me feel this was a good purchase.

I mean how often do we get spy games that are stealth and good?


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