Card Hunter Launches, Rolls for Initiative

Card Hunter Launches, Rolls for Initiative

Card Hunter has been slowly building hype for quite a while, and now it's time to build some decks and go a-questing.

Card Hunter is not an easy game to explain. It combines deck-building card games, board games, and traditional tabletop RPGs (pretty much every variation of analogue gaming) into a purely digital free-to-play title, and somehow it works. The game has attracted a lot of praise from its beta, and now the full game is ready to challenge all would-be adventurers.

The design of Card Hunter comes from Irrational Games co-founder Jonathan Chey, with help from Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, and the feedback of 50,000 beta testers. The game is equal parts parody and homage to classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures, with combat taking place between cardboard miniatures on a tiled board (all digital, mind). Players control a party of three heroes, but rather than managing a list of spells and abilities, actions are drawn from each character's deck of cards. Each of those cards, in turn, is tied to a piece of gear: a sword might add several attack cards to your deck, while armor pieces add defensive cards to counter enemy attacks. You'll still be hunting down loot and slaying goblins, but the randomness inherent in drawing cards from a deck will make you think twice about how to equip your party.

Card Hunter is available right now, for free, at the official website. You can access the bulk of the game for free, but high-level adventures will be easier to handle if you bribe the dungeon master with pizza (the game's premium currency) for extra gold or loot drops.


if you even have the remotest passing interest in classic 70s/80s d&d PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT NAO!

The module art brought nostalgia tears to my eyes it captured the essence of the inspiration material so perfectly.

And the gameplay just works which is truly amazing.

So yeah play the game, throw them 25 bones for the "basic set" if you are so inclined, well worth your time and your money.

Color me surprised. I signed up and in seconds fell in love with what seemed to be a simple game. I normally would be a game that factored luck so heavily, but therein lies bit of skill to play. I like the first adventure and how it teaches you the ropes. At the same time shows you what the game has in store for you. A nice peak and tease of future gameplay. But once again luck plays a role. Will you get the same items? What drops will you acquire through your adventures? Maybe you'll have different gears. A nice blend of genres with a hook.


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