Cancelled Turok 2 Concept Art Features Big Guns and Dinosaurs

Cancelled Turok 2 Concept Art Features Big Guns and Dinosaurs

A truckload of models and concept art give you a glimpse at the Turok sequel that could have been.

A massive info-dump on NeoGAF has brought to light a slew of early assets from Turok 2, the cancelled sequel to the current-gen reboot of Acclaim's dino-hunting shooter franchise from now-defunct developer Propaganda Games.

Propaganda was working on the game when it was shut down by parent company Disney Interactive in 2011. The studio only produced two games, Turok and Disney's Tron: Evolution. The studio was also working on Pirates of The Caribbean: Armada of the Damned an open-world action game similar in scope to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

The gallery below is a small taste of what's been put out there. You can check out all the leaked assets over on Turok 2 NeoGAF.

Source: NeoGAF


Considering how "awesome" the first game was and how big a fan I am of the original Turok Trilogy, i'm not sad about this game at all. Besides, it isn't worthy of wearing the name Turok 2. You can beat Seeds of Evil even if it was a complete remake of that game...

Concept art looks pretty neat, but I' not going to shed tears over the loss of a sequel to the reboot. Turok is about insanity and color, not grittiness and darkness.

Seeing as the last Turok was kind of shit and had absolutely nothing to do with with Turok Dinosaur Hunter, I can't say I really care.

If they could bring something back along the lines of the old N64 games though that would be pretty awesome.
I mean if the game doesn't have something at least as kickass as the Cerebral Bore, then whats the point?

Guess I'm one of those few people who really enjoyed the last Turok game (it felt like being in a '80s action movie!!), and who is displeased that they cancelled this sequel...

I've replayed the original series to death on N64, and while I can't say I enjoyed the reboot quite in the same way or nearly as much, it was still nice to see the Turok series at least trying to survive. I'm only upset because now I don't know what will happen to the series. Will it simply fall out into obscurity? Or will some upcoming game developers try to get right and salvage what is left? My hope is to at least see the second option attempt to happen, because being such a huge fan, I'd hate to see it just go away.

Meh too bad, they might have gotten Turok right this time. It is a classic game...
Still, please reboot Carnivoures

I liked Turok 2. Tek Bow was awesome.

I've never replayed it so I don't know how well it's aged, and I hadn't had much experience (obviously) with shooters at the time I played it, but the memories I have of the first Turok is an enjoyable blend of gameplay elements that I've never seen again. Well the first one is obvious, the fact that it wasn't far removed from the SNES era the game stuck to the concept of 'lives' and a game over screen if you run out, with save points very few and far between... was it basically at the start of each level? Hah, that type of game design will never fly today! But it would be neat to see someone try. On top of that, it had a fun shooter design, with some of those crazy guns at your disposal, and incorporated elements of shooting, platforming, exploration, survival, and suspense. Lots of big open environments without a clear direction to go, I recall some suspenseful narrow corridor sequences, and ammo & health packs was sparser than say Doom 2 so you had to be careful and keep an eye out for pickups. I remember at one point, maybe level 5 or 6, I got stuck with basically no ammo and low health, so I had to backtrack through a level or two looking for more before I could succeed. And if all of that was too challenging for you, you could always use cheat codes! Personally I got pretty far in the game on a rental (never actually owned it) then just turned on infinite ammo to finish the last couple levels.

Shooters have gotten so far away from what Turok was though that you'll never see a publisher touch it, so any remake/reboot/sequel just won't feel the same. I need to try it again at some point but personally I like how the game was designed, perhaps the only frustrating elements I'd want to see removed are losing lives from failing a crumby platform jump.

I remember enjoying the Turok reboot quite a bit, and am a little disheartened to see that there likely won't be a continuation of that. I mean c'mon, who couldn't have fun stapling guys to the environment with an arrows? I mean sure, the game had its issues, but it had its good moments as well. One thing I liked about it that few others, or so I've heard have, and that was actually being knocked down and having to see that in first-person, so you'd get a few seconds of seeing the sky/ceiling before getting back up and reorienting yourself. To me, that made sense, and though it would get frustrating at times, I understood that it was intended to make you feel that way. You really didn't want to be knocked down and you wanted to pretty much destroy whatever was causing that.

Oh well. Maybe another dev will pick up the IP and churn out a more polished title.

"features big guns and dinosaurs"?
well, of course it does, it's bloody Turok, I'd be pretty concerned if didn't feature those.

I still have Turok evolution for the Gamecube lying around here somewhere, it's pretty mindless but the action is like a ten-year old's wet dinosaur adventure dream.

Turok 2 is still one of my favorite N64 games (Evolution was shit... at least the PS2 version was...), I remember that the reboot had some nice artwork and some beautiful promo photos, I personally haven't played the remake and I was bummed to hear it sucked big time, watching these artworks kinda resonates with my original thoughts about the reboot, awesome artwork, but... would it worth it to let it be finished at all?.

Bleh, give me an actual reboot of the old Turok games from N64. I want to see an HD Cerebral bore, Razorwind, and Firestorm Cannon, and see how creepy they can make the Oblivion creatures.

"A massive info-dump on NeoGAF has brought to light a slew of early assets from Turok 2", All this work was shown on concept art sites like what? At least 6 years ago or at least around that time.

Ahh just looked into it, Some of the stuff shown for the 2nd was just stuff not in the first, that combined with some of the same artist also working on the 2nd made it seem like this was from an earlier image Dump.

That dude totally looks like Guts from Berserk. D:

Considering how horrible the remake was i'm glad this one got both barrels to the back of the head. The old Turok games were fun, but given their age, i'm not sure how well they'd go today as I don't know how well the game has aged and everything seems to have to be gritty and realistic, which removes the fun in a lot of games.


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