Beyond: Two Souls Ad Shows Jodie's Destructive Power

Beyond: Two Souls Ad Shows Jodie's Destructive Power

A new Beyond: Two Souls TV spot shows how Jodie grows up in Quantic Dream's next game.

What would you do with a strange power from beyond? That's the question Jodie Holmes faces in Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming title from Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream. Blessed--or cursed--with a strange power from a mysterious being all her life, this new TV spot from Sony gives a glimpse at how Jodie grows up, and the terrible consequences of her abilities.

Beyond was announced at Sony's E3 2012 press conference, where Quantic Dream showed bits and pieces from Jodie's journey through the game. Like Heavy Rain, Beyond is part action-adventure, part interactive story, with the game "trying to do is emulate life" according to Creative Director David Cage. There are "organic and implied" choices to be made about how Jodie lives her life, from whether she cleans her apartment to how she dodges a massive police chase. As this video shows, co-existing with a spiritual entity certainly doesn't make life easy.

It's unclear just how much control the player will have over Jodie's choices, but we'll find out next month when Beyond: Two Souls launches for the PlayStation 3.


It almost doesn't look terrible, but then I remember it's a Quantic Dreams game.
Guaranteed to happen:

1) Every character will have to take a shower at some point.
2) There WILL be a creepy sex scene that makes everyone uncomfortable
3) Bad french accents
4) Ghost. Lice.

The trailer comes off as a TVTropes drinking game. And I'm not saying it's going to be a bad game, but it didn't do anything to sell me.

Doesn't look that interesting to me. Then again Heavy Rain didn't look that interesting to me either. Suppose it was mostly for fans of that I guess.


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