Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Coming West in October

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Coming West in October

Objection? I think not.

Capcom announced today that Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is coming to the US and Europe on Oct. 24. The visual novel about attorney adventures is the fifth installment of the main Ace Attorney games. The game takes place one year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and Phoenix Wright returns as the main protagonist. The game was released in Japan for the 3DS on July 25. The US and European editions will have a digital-only release through the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 and €24.99.

Dual Destinies features both new and old characters by Phoenix's side. Athena Cykes is an associate attorney specializing in analytical psychology. There's a new rival prosecutor as well, named Simon Blackwell. Returning characters include Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth, Trucy Wright, Pearl Fey, and Klavier Gavin. Apollo will also be a playable character.

The game introduces the mood matrix, which allows Phoenix to examine witnesses' emotions, which is Athena's specialty. If the player notices a discrepancy between a testimony and the emotions expressed, the player can then press for more information. Also new to Dual Destinies is the ability to review previous dialogue.

Because the game is for the 3DS, it's no surprise the game uses 3D graphics and character models. Investigation sequences take place in 3D environments, and players can now rotate the camera around the room to look for clues.

Of the two DLC chapters released in Japan, only one will be localized for western release. A downloadable costume pack will also be available.

Source: Capcom


Still upset that Maya appears to have just vanished from the face of the Ace Attorney earth. Didn't even care enough to be around when Phoenix lost his ability to practice law.


Hopefully she at least gets some sort of cameo in Dual Destinies.

Either way, cant wait to buy the hell out of this. Technically I bought a 3DS so my SO could play Animal Crossing and I wanted to win brownie points. Truthfully I bought it so I could play this when it released.

Noooooooooooo. I wanted Gumshoe to come back. It isn't the same without the loveable detective. Though you couldn't help but feel bad for him

I just picked up the first game the other day, loving the crap out of it. Gotta get a hold of the others but I don't usually buy stuff online so finding them is hard.

So Persona 4 gets a remake on the Vita and the new Ace Attorney comes out on the 3DS. You mean I have to buy both handhelds on the damn market? Fuck that, i'm fine with PS2 classic Persona 4. Hopefully the new AA can carry the 3DS for me like the old AA games did for the DS.

Instant buy from me! I love this series so much; even that Edgeworth game some people didn't like.

Sucks that we won't see a physical release of this. Damn you Capcom! And I would of paid extra too! Oh well that 30 dollar FE:A x SMT IV credit will be put to good use.

I think we need some celebratory music. Smooth McGroove, Lay down a beat!

Buying a 3DS for this title. Been waiting for a reason to buy it and here it is! :D

Also I'm glad they mentioned it was being released in Europe as well as in the US. Most sites only mention "zomg something's being released in 'murica finally woho" and I always end up googling it to see if it's coming to Europe as well.

Thanks mr overlord Escapist sir.

Only 30 dollars? Cool, most of that belongs to the deal I got for Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Its been a long time since I played an Ace Attorney game (since Investigations 2 never left Japan) So I can't wait for this.

I mean, the only real criticism I have with the series is that most of them require absurd leaps of logic that barely make sense even in context. Also that most obvious logic is lost on the court.

The games are harshly linear in their structure, as there could be 2 lines that are both very similar and you could present evidence to the same effect, but unless it is the "right" line, you get in trouble.

I also hated it when you prove your client didn't do it, but failing to find the killer (i.e, doing something that isn't your job) Will get the proven innocent person convicted. I'm a defense attorney, why do I have to put the killer in jail, leave that to the prosecutors and police dammit!


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