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Whatever, it's still better than that horribad Facebook Home commercial. I'm in!

Replying from the highway.

Just kidding, don't hurt me :(

Kudos on making this article.

I don't text or drive, but if either change, I will never combine the two.

There was another thread where people were arguing, "Are people dumber now than in the Victorian Age?" I say it's not even a contest. Seriously? We have to have Public Service Announcements about not messing with electronic devices while driving. We are completely brainless as a society.

Didn't the Victorians drink irradiated water, though? As a health spa thing. People are about as dumb as usual, I'd say.

Hell, if the Victorians would've had mobile phones as well, I'm sure they'd have similar PSA's asking them to watch what they were doing, too. And it'd look just as much like a sure sign of society's imminent downfall as it does now.

Wait, AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint paid you money to tell us to not use their products?

But we might buy more of their products in the future if we're not dead, don't we? Must've been a hard sell at first, though.

I find this line a tad disturbing though:

Since 78% of teen drivers say they're likely to not text and drive if friends tell them it's wrong or stupid

Saying that they apparently agree that it's wrong or stupid, yet they won't actually stop doing it unless there's social pressure to do so?

Some teenagers do a LOT of stupid shit because their friends are doing it. I've seen and heard everything up to "attempting to use explosives on old women" use that as an excuse. Doesn't justify it of course, but with teenagers all it takes for a multiple fatality is one idiot and a lot of spineless joiners.

When I first saw this article I thought for sure it would be a for teh lulz kind of article. It is sad that we as a people are so unable to see the kind of suffering that we casually inflict on each other than we have to have this sort of campaign to remind us not to do stupid and dangerous things. I agree that we should not text and drive but I despise the fact that we even have to have this kind of conversation about it.

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