Lone Survivor For PS3/Vita Arriving in "Two Weeks"

Lone Survivor For PS3/Vita Arriving in "Two Weeks"

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Lone Survivor will launch in Europe on September 25th, with an American release coming two weeks later.

Back in March it was revealed that the sidescrolling survival-horror indie title Lone Survivor was making its way to PS3 and Vita. At the time, there wasn't much revealed in the way of a way release window. That however, is no longer the case. Curve Studios, the developer behind the port, has confirmed that Lone Survivor will be landing on European PS3s and Vitas on September 25th with an American release set to follow sometime in the "next two weeks."

In addition to delivering the same mechanics of horror and choice as the original PC version, the Director's Cut edition hitting the Playstation Network will include "hundreds of tweaks" that include new dialogue, items, endings, trophies and secrets. The game will also boast a new lighting system that should optimize its visuals on high definition televisions and Vitas alike. "Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut isn't simply a console port but a completely reworked version of [Jasper Byrne's] original game," commented Jason Perkins, managing director for Curve Digital.

The original announcement that Lone Survivor was heading to PlayStation platforms had us pretty stoked. That in mind, you can color us a similar shade of excited now that the game's release is finally rounding the bend. To be sure, Lone Survivor is a great game on PCs but, as with many titles, the prospect of taking it on the go via the Vita is an attractive proposition. Granted, playing it while sipping on a coffee in the middle of a Starbucks will probably draw down the scare factor a bit, but it's a trade-off we're willing to make.


Another game for the vita, lovely.

I would complain about them giving a better version for the PS3 and Vita except I got it on Steam in a sale for a ridiculously low price, so resentment would just be childish.

I do hope the control system transfers well though, one of my only dislikes about the PC version was how awkward it could be at times. I imagine a couple of the visual problems must be fixed as well. A couple of doors required the tiniest movement to pick the right one and you could frequently accidentally select the one you didn't want.

No mention of a price, but if it is reasonable it is definitely one to pick up for fans of survival horror.

Get this game if you're remotely interested in survival horror - I thought it was really, really good. I thought the paranoid and unsettling atmosphere was wonderful - trying to keep the character sane, talking to a plushie and appreciating the simple pleasures of a mug of coffee and a heated tin of rice pudding. Who's shoes are those? Where did these pills come from and what will they do? Will I use the batteries for the flashlight or the comfort of a Game Boy?

I've seen some gameplay and still want to buy this but haven't quite managed it.

Although I am kind of annoyed that the update's for the PS3 version and not for the PC version. I guess you can't blame the creator for selling improvements though.

Depending on price I might pick it up for Vita. It's pretty cheap on Steam if I recall correctly.

The game is amazing. Too bad the improvements aren't hitting the PC version but, then again, I still haven't seen a lot of the content in the original game.

I was planning to get this for PC, but now I'll wait for the vita release. I kinda like playing these games on the Vita like Hotline Miami.

Maaaan, I read somewhere that this was coming out yesterday! URGH. ANTICIPATION...RISING.

Yessssssss. I've been waiting forever for this game to hit the vita. It looks awesome. I need more portable survival horror


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