Extraction, Former Dirty Bomb, Goes Into Closed Beta

Extraction, Former Dirty Bomb, Goes Into Closed Beta

Splash Damage is taking its shooter free-to-play.

You may recall the teaser video for Dirty Bomb which blew up last November, swiftly followed with gameplay footage and other fun things. Time has passed since then, and Dirty Bomb has had a name change, but Splash Damage's Extraction is ready for closed Beta. It's a free to play shooter now, but Splash Damage promises no kill is cheap, no win is paid for. "Whether you're in a world-class competition or a quick firefight, it's your skill that brings the kill," says Splash Damage.

It's still a London based shooter, which should be fun for anyone who's been to London; Splash Damage is a local firm, and knows the Smoke well. Though the name may have changed, gameplay hasn't. You pick your style of play; maybe you want to snipe, or run and gun, or perhaps you're the healing hands that will keep the team alive. "Master your merc, serve your team," says Splash Damage, as you work your way through the mission objectives, or just shoot anything that moves and most things that don't, in a stand-up firefight. If you're wondering why the game changed its name, Splash Damage says it wasn't sure it could get a worldwide trademark for that title. But that's the only thing that's changed, the developer promises.

No official release date yet, but if the team's taking this to closed beta, a release can't be that far behind. If you're interested in signing up for the closed Beta, have a look over here.

Source: Splash Damage


Are Splash Damage the ones who did Brink? Yeah, I want nothing to do with this.

Chairman Miaow:
Are Splash Damage the ones who did Brink? Yeah, I want nothing to do with this.

Also the guys behind the original Enemy Territory and Quake wars which were both great.

From the footage I've seen and from the feedback I've heard from mates in the alpha, it's shaping up to have quite a bit of competitive potential. They've scaled back on the gimmicky aspects that brink brought and instead focused on the traditional ET style of play with set classes, xp/ability unlocks gained via the campaign (series of 3-4 maps in a row).

Really it's going to come down to how their F2P model works out and how much press they can generate.

So far they've said that classes might be purchasable using a system similar to LoL and the only other updates will be cosmetic.

Fingers crossed though. Would love to have a competitively viable splash damage game back in the mix.

Well quite honestly this game is a good way to save $110 annually on CoD tax, other then that I don't really see it getting much love... it sticks so close to that MMS formula you can hardly tell it apart in the crowd.

Why not release a functional Brink F2P, that I would play.


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