Rift Goes Beyond Infinity with 2.4 Update

Rift Goes Beyond Infinity with 2.4 Update

Trion's MMO gets another helping of content with a new patch.

We are currently in that limbo period, where September slowly meanders down that fickle road between summer and autumn. A new scent is on the air. That subtle odor of Mountain Dew and snacks laded with fine cheese-dust can only mean one thing: more MMO content is on the way. The grinding in this case comes courtesy of Rift, which is getting a few sizable additions thanks to its 2.4 Beyond Infinity patch, which adds four new raids and more PvP gear.

The patch (which should be live today), adds extra adventure in the form of instances. Infinity Gate, Realm of Twisted Dreams, and Infernal Dawn: Laethys are currently available. An additional raid, the Planebreaker Bastion, should be ready in a few weeks.

Beyond Infinity also brings a host of other addons as well. Queuing up for Instant Adventure just got easier too, as it now will pair up adventurers from different shards. Those who've mastered PvP will have some more work to do, as the prestige cap just got raised to 90, along with more gear to earn. Even if raiding and PvP aren't your bag, you can still visit the barber shop and finally replace that embarrassing pink mohawk with any of the brand-new hairstyles that were added as well.

Source: Rift


While it is nice that they are going Beyond Infinity, shouldn't they instead go Beyond Thunderdome?

Those enemies look rather cool.

Maybe next month when my datacap (fucking united states internet providers) isnt strangling me I shall download it and give the game another go.

I was playing Rift recently and actually really enjoyed it.

It's a very refined game. The F2P model is quite welcoming, I actually dropped money into the game BECAUSE the F2P model was welcoming.

I would actually reccomend it to people who want to play an MMO that has the holy trinity and always something to do.


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