Conan's Clueless Gamer Takes On GTA V

Conan's Clueless Gamer Takes On GTA V

Fortunately his erection broke his fall.

Yes, it's the Clueless Gamer flirting with strippers, in Grand Theft Auto V. It's not like Conan O'Brien hasn't held a controller - sweaty or otherwise - once or twice in his life, and it's beginning to show. His driving has improved, and he sometimes hits what he aims at. It's a pity he chooses to bring a missile firing helicopter to a strip club fight; it doesn't end well for the chopper. Twice. But the second time was a bit of a cheat; that bouncer was tougher than he seemed.

You have to wonder whether Conan's beginning to enjoy himself more than a truly Clueless gamer would. He gives this one a completely meaningless review score, as is only right and proper, but then killing members of a motorcycle gang for no reason is also meaningless, so there you go.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now, for PS3 and Xbox 360. Just try not to get stabbed, shot by the cops or snort any fake cocaine when you make your purchase.

Source: Team Coco


I find it oddly ironic that his rampage of revenge against a Strip Club was brought to a sudden end by a POLE... :p

I literally never get tired of watching these. They are so ridiculous.

This one had me cracking up hard to the point where tears shed XD

That was hilarious!

Not as funny as his Tomb Raider review, though...

Although I suppose here it was more funny overall, but that bit in the review when he repeatedly got Lara impaled by a tree branch was just gold!

I hope he never stops doing these. Of course, he might actually become competent at playing games... which would be bad.

I was going to ask why does escapist keeps advertising this idiot, but apperently the commenters here like him. :(

I believe Louis ck was on that episode, it was a hilarious interview.

Fuck you Conan and your geo-locked youtube videos.

I was going to ask why does escapist keeps advertising this idiot, but apperently the commenters here like him. :(

A better question would be why you DON'T like him. So... come on. Do tell. Why do you hate Conan?

Anyway, love Clueless Gamer. Always funny. And the Louie C.K. interview was great.


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