Project Reality To Receive Standalone CryEngine 3 Release

Project Reality To Receive Standalone CryEngine 3 Release

Project Reality Mod Screenshot

Project Reality 2 is bringing the realistic gameplay of the Battlefield 2 and Arma 2 mods to a free-to-play shooter.

While the term "realism" is usually a misnomer in gaming, realistic gameplay itself has undergone something of a resurgence. Outside of professionally-developed titles like Arma 3 or DayZ, one can even find third-party projects like the appropriately-named Project Reality. Originally released in 2005, Project Reality is a modification for Battlefield 2 and Arma 2 that updates everything from ballistics to the portrayal of national armed forces. If that sounds intriguing, you'll be happy to hear that Project Reality is getting a standalone release in the form of Project Reality 2, a free-to-play independent game using CryEngine 3.

Project Reality 2 is being built from scratch in CryEngine 3, and according to its official announcement has been in development since mid-2012. The initial release will focus on small-scale infantry combat in 1 to 2 km environments, and will likely expand to include realistic vehicle combat. An internal alpha should be ready for testing in the next two months, recreating Project Reality's Fools Gold, and a map set in Laskar Gar, Afghanistan.

It will still be some time before a public release becomes available, but if playing the original mod isn't enough anymore, you could apply to work on the game instead. Project Reality 2 is seeking programmers, modelers, and artists, although experience in CryEngine 3 is preferred.

Source: Project Reality, via Polygon


I never really got why they decided to make their mod for ArmA2, isn't ArmA2 realistic enough already? If we got BF 2 on one end of the scale, and ArmA2 on the other end, where is project reality?

I do not believe arma 2 has wind and elevation modeling all stuff ace combat mod and pr add to them, ace has shortcuts to your wind gague, your scope adjustments and so on to tune your sniping, some of my fav sniping moments was in arma 2 and ace hitting running troops at 2000 plus meters out on a hillside, reality mods make those shot much more difficult than arma 2 natively does.


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