Hot Tin Roof Launches "Cats Love Fedoras" Contest - UPDATED

Hot Tin Roof Launches "Cats Love Fedoras" Contest - UPDATED

The maker of Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora is seeking short videos or pictures featuring papercraft based on the game - hopefully being worn by a real cat.

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora hit Kickstarter in late August, looking for $20,000 to create a side-scrolling platformer starring a pixellated P.I. named Emma Jones and her partner Frankie - a cat who wears a fedora. A bit of a strange premise, perhaps, but not too far out of line from what you'd expect from creator Megan Fox, whose previous effort, an endless runner entitled Jones On Fire: Kitties Are Cute and Should Be Saved, also featured pixellated felines and a heroine named Emma. (And was pretty good, too.)

Anyway, with a little under a week remaining, the Hot Tin Roof Kickstarter is less than $1500 from goal, so it seems very likely to make it, but Fox wants to give it a little push; thus, the "Cats Love Fedoras" papercraft contest. While simple in concept, it may prove somewhat more difficult (and painful) in execution: Just grab the Hot Tin Roof papercraft by way of the latest Kickstarter update, print and make whichever ones turn your crank and then use them in a short video or picture - ideally with real, live cats. All entries will be mixed into a big video that will be released sometime after the contest.

The "Cats Love Fedoras" contest runs until 5 pm PST on September 26, while the Hot Tin Roof Kickstarter ends on September 29. Full details and all the necessary links you'll need to put a hat on a cat are available at Kickstarter.

UPDATE: The contest prizes that were originally announced (one $500 Kickstarter backer tier and ten $100 tiers) have been shelved until Kickstarter confirms that it's okay to offer backer rewards to winners. Fox explained that Shovel Knight was able to do so without any difficulty, but Hyper Light Drifter "is being told something else," so until she has the official green light from Kickstarter, the prize situation is up in the air. We'll update again with the final word when we hear it.


About as close to pussy as any modern fedora is gonna get.


Joking aside, cats in hats are awesome.

Daystar Clarion:
About as close to pussy as any modern fedora is gonna get.


Admit it, you hate White Guy Omega.

This is a fun way to market your game/kickstarter. Never under estimate the power of cats on the internet. Especially if they are wearing people clothes.

Oh boy, time to go mess with my friend's cat. Eheheheheheh

On a more serious note this sounds awesome and I love it when devs do stuff like this! It's a good sign when they want the community to participate.

I like fedoras, but I just don't think I can pull them off. Theres a sophistication to the style, and if you wear a fedora, you just gotta own it, you know? Otherwise you look like every other douchbag who wears them with uncollared shirts and OH FUCK INSECT *pounces*

These devs are local to me. Please help their kickstarter.


Admit it, you hate White Guy Omega.

Noooo! Bury that pile of rage and hate, and people laughing at the rage and hate*
I could definitely probably do this. For no other reason but having a mother fucking paper fedora, to go on my fedora, or maybe just on my monitor. I don't know, paper fedoras are cool and I just want an excuse to make one.

*there was a surprisingly lack of hate from what I was expecting from that thread.


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