Alien Rage Demonstrates Calm Emotions in Trailer

Alien Rage Demonstrates Calm Emotions in Trailer

The launch trailer shows the various ways in which things can explode in new shooter.

Announced amid the wail of guitars and the flash of neon blood, Alien Rage makes no mistake about what it is: a pretty shooter with flashy particle effects and lots of personal violence. Developed and published by CI Games, it aims to be an "intense old-school styled shooter experience", as the long trailer explosively demonstrates.

Alien Rage's (likely minimal) story involves a resource-rich asteroid. When multiple parties come in conflict over it, they resort to reasoned diplomacy. Just kidding, they shoot the crap out of each other, apparently blowing up half the asteroid in the process. Players will blast their way through 14 different levels using any of the 10 unique weapons. To assist your xenophobic rampage, each weapon has two firing modes, adding a bit more strategic variety to the usual "which part of the body do I shoot" gameplay. Also, destructible environments appear to be fairly important, as the trailer shows multiple bridges collapsing under the mighty power of the player's bullets.

Alien Rage releases on September 24th via Steam, with Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network versions following.

Source: CI Games


Well, that trailer was so all over the place it almost made me motion sick. Aside from that though it looks interesting, reminds me for some reason of UT3.

Weird, now that reminded me a bit of Bulletstorm.
Other then that, it does look like a shoot who wants to return things to Doom and etc. (But might fail)

Yet, just looking at that made me think it will probably be better then a other certain title which had the name "Alien" in it. :P

so it's actually not only me thinking the gameplay looks like from 1998?

You know, the 'Weapons have two firing modes' thing reminds me of Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force

Kudos on making a shooter that goes in shades of gray and black instead of brown... I guess? That entire trailer just made me think of Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 minus the gorgeous, colorful maps that made UT fun to play. And two firing modes has been a thing since at least Unreal Tournament back in 1999.

The music they used for the trailer sounds like bad porn music.

This looks like a very fun game to play in co-op. Hopefully, it will be a feature.

And two firing modes has been a thing since at least Unreal Tournament back in 1999.

Actually, it has been a thing since the original Unreal in 1998, and in Delta Force and Half-Life which came shortly after it in the same year.

it sadly reminds me of the cancelled prey 2.

besides that it looks boring no matter how much guitar riffs they cram in.


anyone notice how the NPC's pretty much rushed the dude, as if this is the first time they've gone to war...

and i'm wondering what the score is supposed to be (there's a score bar in the top right in screenshots on pre purchase)

Holy Bullet storm and Gears of War Batman! ...bleh.

BloodRed Pixel:
so it's actually not only me thinking the gameplay looks like from 1998?

As I understand it, that is a selling point of the game.
Apparently not everyone loves our fancy new shooters from the 21th-Century, where you spend your time glued to a chest-high wall only to pop up and shoot at enemies as if they were sitting ducks at a fairground.

I looked at some of the screenshots on Steam, and wow, does this game have some major lens flare. Sure, it isn't as bad as, say, Battlefield 3, but it's still somewhat annoying.

I'd like this game to be good, but couldn't they find a better place to have their conflict than on an asteroid? I do miss the besieged monasteries, occupied villages, and towns established on floating rocks in the sky from Unreal. They really lent the game more than a semblance of personality, like you're just one part of a much larger conflict that's been going on for a while.


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