GTA Baton Rouge: Man Claims Game Inspired His Crime Spree

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Cowards.... You are GOD DAMN 20... take responsibilities for your self, and your own actions! stop acting like a damn juvi!

I'm going to chalk it up to this guy just being dumb. I live in a fairly trusting city. There have been numerous times when I've seen a car running with its doors unlocked and just about every time, I always think about how easy it would be to steal it. What I don't do is actually steal the car. It is a remarkably easy thing to do.

This makes me really upset to be in my late twenties and a citizen of Baton Rouge. Frankly . . . I just don't know where to go from here. But, I will say if more criminals that are at least OF AGE to be playing shit like GTA are using it as an excuse, maybe the companies will stop trying to say "won't someone think of the children!? the poor defenseless 25 year old children with mortgages and fiancees!"

Honestly though . . . I'm just so tired of this crap. Dumbass commits crime, Dumbass claims or is found to have played videogames AT ALL, not even specifically GTA or violent ones and then the media and the scared old ladies riot in the streets screaming about how "them damn vidjagaems keep killin all tha chilrens!" I'm just so tired . . . so very tired of this.


here's hoping the book gets thrown at him.

Let us hope that it is a large, heavy book with pointy corners.

And it seems like this guy was probably drunk or is incredibly stupid. He wanted to see what a videogame was 'really like' by stealing someone's car? That's not a legitimate excuse for crime as he should know that stealing cars is generally frowned upon in the real world. At least now he can see what going to prison is really like.

So since he got to live out his fantasy of being in a GTA game can I live out my fantasy of being a real life warden a la Prison Architect with him as my first inmate?

Man, that is a face that screams "I have never made an intelligent decision in my life."

He's pretty blatantly a dumb kid that wanted to do something dumb and went about it in a very dumb way. These sorts of crimes have existed since long before GTA came around. Where do they think the fucking name came from? It's just a kid crying wolf so that he comes across as a bit less stupid, and would maybe get off easier.

Pretty much this. "Aw, fuck; the pigs're here! Think fast bro, think fast - IT AIN'T ME, FELLAS, IT WAS MICHAEL DE SANTO! CALL FOX NEWS!"

I'd like to make the trek to his Baton Rouge pokey and give him the slowest of all Slow Handclaps.

I'm just glad no one was killed. That's the LAST thing we need right now.

Hopefully people will attribute this more to his being from Alabama than his playing a violent video game.

I wonder if he was so nuts he honestly believes this, or if he's just using GTA as a scapegoat so that people focus on that instead of on him.

Well I hope he had his fun since he is going to have a new set of 12' problems going in and out of him. lol. I hope he gets justice in jail being someone's bitch.

I bet Fox News paid him to do it!

I want to break into a stable and steal a horse to ride so I know what "Barbie's Horse Adventures" is really like

Not really a crime "spree", more just a single crime that went wrong in every conceivable way and accidentally became several simultaneous crimes.


It's idiots like this asshole why we can't have nice things.

What do you mean by "nice things"?
Crime happens no matter what. It happened before GTA, movies, even books. We could blame whatever we want, it doesn't change anything.

Nonsense, everyone knows the first ever recorded crime happened in 1972 when an Irish born immigrant in New York city spent 72 consecutive hours playing pong only to return home and pelt his wife with tennis balls while making beep sounds.

*Sweet Home Alabama*

Redneck 20-year old steals car, fails spectacularly of course, and says Jesus told him to do it. The fact that this should make headlines is ridiculous but will be exactly what everybody focuses on here.

does anyone else look at him, hear the story and think kelso from that 70s show

damn-it damn-it damn-it.....We don't need any more fuel for this idiot fire. If violent video games cause violence then i would have murdered many people be now. this man is a gigantic moron or most likely mental unstable. people are getting all up about the horrible things in the game, I've seen worse in movies. I love the movie Payback and that has a man getting his toes smashed with a hammer. Any body that does these things and blames it on video games, has something not right in the head. i usually re-read these but i'm drunk and don't want to, sorry don't want to proof it.

Thanks to google I read that this incident happened at 2:30 Sat morning and he was released on an $80.000 bond Sun morning.

And where does a 20 yr old get this kind of money on such short notice? My guess would be rich parents. Perhaps this is where the focus should be? The self-entitlement of the rich youth is the prime cause of incidents like this. Bored kids with nothing better to do than.....blah blah blah.

See can play this pointless game.

$80 bucks is nothing man. You could work a part time job for minimum wage for less than 2 days and have that in your wallet.

EDIT: Was that maybe supposed to read $80,000? If so, that is a little more substantial, but bail doesn't mean you have to have the cash on hand, nor does it mean his parents are wealthy. If they own a house, they put it down as collateral* with a bondsman who then pays the bail on their behalf. $80k isn't much as far as property values go.

*When he shows up for court, the bondsman gets the money back and charges the parents interest. If he skips town, his parents lose the house to the bondsman who loses his $80k.

"Burgess allegedly claimed that he wanted to see what it was really like to play Grand Theft Auto" Then buy the game you stupid, drunk, arsehole. So this guy aspires to be a criminal? Why?

One guy claims video games made him do it, watch the news media jump on it like sharks. You have countless people who claim god told them to do somethings far worse and those same asshats will defend them til they are blue in the face. I seriously hope someone somewhere mentioned something like that at the inevitable media frenzy this will bring.
"SEE! This shows that video games cause violence and murder sprees!"
"Congratulation we have our first case of someone claiming video games made them do it. Lets put that beside all the people who claimed god made them do things, and the people who said santa clause, the easter bunny, clowns and so on and so forth."
This pisses me off because games have horrible PR as it is now some jackass trying to get out of blame is going to cause yet another backlash.

I wonder what a lot of things would be like. Then, that little sanity switch in my head stays turned on and I pass along to the next wondering thoughts of my day.

Interestingly enough, it was like GTA for him. He got arrested.

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