Thralled Slave Drama Enthralls, As It Edges Towards Completion

Thralled Slave Drama Enthralls, As It Edges Towards Completion

This University of Southern California student project is looking for an animator, a programmer and artists.

Judging by the demo trailer Thralled is one of those deceptively simple titles that will draw you in. You play as Isaura, a slave trying to escape captivity with her baby, and find a better life. But that means dealing with the obstacles thrown up by the environment, and you need your hands free to tackle those. So put the baby down, just for a minute, and try to ignore that ghostly figure off in the wings, getting closer by the second. Just don't ignore it too long, or your child will be lost forever. It's all about freedom, and what you'll risk to get it; Isaura's life isn't the only thing on the line, but dare she risk her child's life for a chance to get away?

This one's been bubbling away at the University of Southern California for a while. A team of students have been working with their mentors to complete Thralled, but while most of the work's done there's still a lot of polishing to do, and some of the content's unfinished. However students only stay students until they graduate, and much of the team has since gone on to pastures new. The project's looking for new workers - a programmer, animator and artists, all paid positions - to get the job done.

There's a lot of promise here, but it's yet to be fulfilled. Thralled is due on the iOS App store "at a time to be determined," according to the developers.

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I was skeptical until I saw the bit about the positions being paid - I've seen way too many projects that have a great idea (no seriously man) that 'just' need an art guy and a programmer but the ideas really good and no I can't pay you but you'll get a cut of the *amazing* profits when it releases. Actually paid positions means this project may end up as more than that book the guy at Starbucks is totally writing.

THAT'S going to be on the app store?!

Looks like it might finally be time to pick up an Ipad.


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