Win a PS4 by Eating at Taco Bell

Win a PS4 by Eating at Taco Bell

Games and fast food: It's a match made in heaven.

Starting tomorrow, a PlayStation and Taco Bell promotion will give people a chance every 15 minutes until Nov. 10 to win a PS4. When purchasing a $5 Buck Box at Taco Bell, participants will receive a code on the box to text in for an entry to the PS4 giveaway. The prize pack includes one PlayStation 4, a copy of Knack, and a one year PS Plus membership.

According to the official rules, there are also two ways to request a code without making a purchase at Taco Bell. The first is a mail-in request; until Oct. 28 participants can write their name, address, and email address on a stamped postcard and mail it to Play The Future First (address included in the official rules). This can be done 33 times total, and each time an administrator will email a code to the participant. The second way is to request a code online by Nov. 10. This can only be done once; however, the online code can be used once a day. The link for the online code is not yet active. Only one code can be submitted per day.

Sony and Taco Bell partnered for the same promotion last year to promote the Vita, but it ended in much frustration for winning participants who said they never received their prize.

Not all Taco Bells are participating, so make sure to check with your local store if you're interested in the promotion. The contest is only open to U.S. residents. Hopefully the promotion will go over smoothly this time.

Source: PlayStation Blog


I don't mind Taco Bell and I wouldn't mind a PS4, but there's no way I'm texting some contest code from my phone.

I'm not interested in buying a PS4, but I wouldn't mind winning one. Of course it's not available in Canada anyway so it's a mute point.

Even if I won the PS4, I'd probably end up giving it to someone else.


Never really bothered with these "win stuff" deals, cuz they force you to buy certain things in order to do it. Also, I'm lazy and don't want them knowing my number.

oh boy...this contest again. Hopefully they fixed the problem the Vita giveaway had.

Nice! I've never won anything after eating at Taco Bell before. Well, except that one time when I won a diarrhea, but that hardly counts.

I'd rather buy it 5 times than eat junk food.

If the pre-orders are any indication; Taco Bell will be receiving quite abit of business. I'm sure they will be flooded with text messages and post cards. Hell I'll try it. The chances to win are very small, but at least there's a chance for those would like to get a free PS4. Although I did say I'd wait to buy one, I'm not against winning one.

The idea of spending $400 on a PS4 is palatable.
The concept of spending even $1 on Taco Bell "meat", is not.

Not sure if it's worth eating taco bell to win a PS4. I actually want to live long enough to play the damn thing.

After the last fiasco with Taco Bell and the Vita, I prefer to just buy the console anyway.


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