Thief Trailer Reveals Exclusive "Bank Heist" Preorder Mission

Thief Trailer Reveals Exclusive "Bank Heist" Preorder Mission

Gamers who preorder Thief will also get "The Bank Heist," an exclusive mission into the most secure location in the city.

Continuing the fine tradition of "give us money up-front in exchange for a little something you'll have to pay for otherwise," Eidos Montreal has announced that preorders of the upcoming Thief will come with "The Bank Heist," an exclusive mission into the Stonemarket First Bank to snatch the Star of Auldale. It's the biggest and most secure bank in the city, with a reputation for being utterly impregnable, but in spite of all that it seems like a pretty simple proposition: bust in, grab the swag and clear out, and do it all faster than your friends.

The Stonemarket First Bank isn't guarded by Mechanist machines but Thief fans will no doubt draw an immediate parallel between this and First City Bank and Trust, the mission from Thief 2: The Metal Age that had Garrett busting into a bank for rather more pressing reasons than just money. A bonus mission that can live up to that legacy is a pretty compelling reason to preorder, but of course there's no way to know if it actually does until it's too late. Such is life. Hey, at least it's not retailer-exclusive.

Thief comes out on February 25, 2014, for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and PC.


Many people, including myself, are already suspiciously hesitant about the new direction of this game. I'm even a big fan of the original Thief games. This preorder-exclusive mission just encourages people to wait for the complete version of the game to come out after a significant price drop.

At least we don't have any retailer-exclusive bonuses like in Deus Ex.

Good job Eidos, you turned Thi4f from a wait-until-reviews buy to a wait-for-steam-sale buy. Someone let me know when the full version of the game comes out, I'll drop $10 on the game then.

...And in a few months after release , this "exclusive" will be available to buy and steam users will get it at a much cheaper price.

Are pre-orders like this worth getting?

This is just lovely. GOTY edition here we come!

But my immersion!


I've got a better idea: how about whoever made the decision to do so goes and fucks himself right in the eyesocket?

it seems as all the "fuck you, eidos" of the internet wasnt enough to make them reconsider their direction with the title.

Is it just me, or does Garrett's new voice actor sound exactly like Jack Slate from Dead to Rights? I keep expecting him to tell the guards to take up their grievances with City Hall, then feed them to his pet dog.


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