Atlus Opens Teaser Site With Persona Logo, Announces P4A Update

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Why do people still think it's gonna happen? The universe has said many many times at this point that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE unless you literally cause world peace and cure all suffering in the world and end the Persona series. Both that or a deus ex machina saving him would be such a shitty plot twist.

People seem to forget that arcana does not just indicate personality. Strength does not indicate they are part of a sports team. Emperor does not mean they are gay. They are their current issue in the persons life. The persona represents their mask that allows them to cope with the public and their issue. Resolving the issue removes your need for the persona and gives you a different more powerful one which is because you have grown as a person due to resolving the conflict.

What I'm saying is, completing the Fool arcana doesn't mean she is going to succeed in her goal. People have completely misconstrued what personas and the arcana mean in the series.

The fool arcana means someone is beginning a journey with high hopes. A perfect position for a protagonist and the leader of a group, and generally they are of the wild card. My take on her journey makes a hell of a lot more sense.

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