Jim, Yahtzee, and TotalBiscuit Speak at Expo 2013

Jim, Yahtzee, and TotalBiscuit Speak at Expo 2013


If you've ever wondered how you, too, can get an awesome accent, look no further!

At Escapist Expo 2013 this weekend, your favorite Brits from around the internet will be gathering to speak on the subject of expatriation. Why would you leave the lovely, sunshiny UK, you ask? We don't know, but they do! Join Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, Jim "Thank God For Me" Sterling, and John "TotalBiscuit" Bain as they discuss tea, biscuits, and the Queen. They might even venture to speak about games here and there. The sun never sets, or so I'm told, but they're bleeding internet personalities like a hemmorrhagic pin cushion. Find out why on Saturday at 1:30pm, only at Expo!

The British Expatriate Panel
Saturday October 5th, 1:30pm
DCC Meeting Room 3-4

Why do so many British people leave the United Kingdom, emigrating to former colonies of the empire? And why do so many of them end up working in games media and/or for The Escapist? We have three such gentlemen on hand here at the Expo, and they were happy enough to agree to sit down with each other and discuss tea, biscuits, and the Queen. Or, perhaps, games.

Panelists: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw [Zero Punctuation], John "TotalBiscuit" Bain [Gaming Video Producer], moderated by Jim Sterling [Jimquisition]

We're excited to see you all at Expo 2013 this weekend!


If this isn't recorded and uploaded as video I am probably going to cry. It would also be great if it was longer than 1 hour.

I hate TotalBiscuit with a fiery passion, but Yahtzee and Jim in the same panel?...



We've sent them to cynic and sarcasm you all to death, so we can start to retake those uppity colonies.

Seriously though, looking especially forward to this panel,since they are probably my favourite three gaming personalities. Really hope it is put up on the site.

Andy Shandy:


This is one of the many panels I'm looking forward to.

Please tell me its being recorded for future generations?

Wooooo I'm pumped. Hopefully, as has already been said, this will be recorded for all our future-viewing pleasure when someone like myself actually has a chance to sit down and watch a (hopefully) long video like this.

YEEEESSSS! My wish for creating a cynical event horizon in Durham has become a reality!

It'll be something you can't take pictures of, they never develop right. You try taking a photo and it just looks like a streetview of Abbey Road.


Andy Shandy:


This is just too amazingly silly and perfect for words.

The three most awesome british people ever? SIGN ME UP! You guys best be uploading all of their panels like last year.

If someone isn't whiny, obsessive, and/or a complete git during this panel, I will be disappointed.

Alternatively...I'd be satisfied with a hint of smugness. You know who you are.


I might be a wee bit excited to see Jim and TB in the same room.

For the love of [insert your deity here] somone film this thing!
These are three gods of gaming all in same room!


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