Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Remake Coming in 2014

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Remake Coming in 2014

The 20th Anniversary Edition of the classic Sierra adventure game will get new art and voice-overs but retain the core point and click 2D gameplay.

Series creator Jane Jensen announced today that the classic adventure game Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers will be getting a remake in 2014. Pinkerton Road, Jensen's independent studio, will be developing the game and has licensed the intellectual property from Activision. High definition graphics will be added as well as new backgrounds and puzzles to "pump up the New Orleans flavor and also the spookiness where possible," Jensen told GameTrailers in an interview. The remake will retain the original 2D point and click gameplay and all of the original puzzles. The 20th Anniversary Edition will be released for PC, Mac, Android and iPad as a digital download in mid-2014.

All of the audio from the original game has been re-recorded, including the games' original score. The voice acting also required new recordings, because the original audio files are not available and the compressed audio files that shipped with the game are too low in quality. The original game featured actors Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, Michael Dorn, and Leah Remini, but Jensen confirmed that original cast would not be reprising their roles.

The game follows Gabriel Knight, a bookstore owner in New Orleans' French Quarter, as he discovers his Schattenjäger (or shadow-hunter) heritage while attempting to solve a series of ritual murders. The original Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers was released in December 1993 by Sierra On-Line. The game became a classic in the adventure game genre, and Gabriel Knight went on to star in two sequels. The sale and subsequent downsizing of Sierra On-Line in the late '90s led to the announcement that Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned would be the last in the series. With a cliffhanger ending, fans of the series have been hoping for years that a fourth entry might someday be developed. Jensen hinted in her interview with GameTrailers that a new adventure in the series could be possible, but that the current licensing deal only covered the remake. All three games are available on GOG for $5.99 USD apiece if you are itching to join in the nostalgia.

Pinkerton Road was founded in 2012 by Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes. The independent studio focuses on story-based games. Along with the remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, the studio is currently developing Moebius, an original 3rd person adventure game, for release in December 2013 or January 2014.



So I could play the original with a great cast of voice actors? Or I could play the remake which doesn't? Tough call.

Clive Howlitzer:
Tough call.

I hope you're kidding there. Original voices all the way! :P

Sorry, no Mark Hamill or Tim Curry wouldn't be the same Gabriel Knight experience. I already have the original off GoG, so I'll not be rushing to spend my cash on this.

Was about to say "Fine, have all my orgasms."

The saw that Tim Curry won't be coming back. So, no orgasms for you, remake.

I'll buy it, if it's successful we might finally get GK4. :)

I love how everyone agrees. I also was excited exectly until I read they dropped the original cast.

Someone tell these people that new game - old cast trumps old game - new cast.

I played the original version on floppies with no voice acting, and it was fantastic (except for the end sequence, which was a bit obnoxious - pretty much the only point in the game where you had to react in real time). Great story, and great adventure.

This is exciting. You should play it if you haven't. :)

Well, considering some of the actors in the old cast are either dead (Virgina Capers, narrator) or too expensive now (Tim Curry) I can imagine it's just beyond Pinkerton Road's means to bring back the cast. The recording studio on board are the same ones that did the Walking Dead voices, plus you still have Jane Jensen in charge, so I'm positive it will be fine. Also, Gabriel was played by two different actors (three, in my mind, considering Curry's performance in GK3 seemed very different from the one in Gk1) and Grace went through three actors (Leah Reminini, Joanne Takahashi, Charity James) and all of them fit the characters well, I'm not too bent over another cast coming in to do the voices. I was more nervous about the music, which will still be done by good ol' Robert Holmes. I listen to the Gk1 soundtrack to this day. It gives me very nifty feelings, and has tons of ambiance.

I can't believe this is even an argument. Yes the old game had a great cast. However, we have no reason to believe the new cast will be incompetent, and given the screenshots I've seen before the remake will tremendously improve the games atmosphere. Second, even if I didn't have faith in it, buying will increase the chances of there ever being a GK4.


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