See Seventeen Minutes Of Batman: Arkham Origins Biff! Pow! Fun

See Seventeen Minutes Of Batman: Arkham Origins Biff! Pow! Fun

Batman must really want that Christmas ham Alfred's cooking up.

Batman: Arkham Origins is due soon, and to give you a sense of what's in store, WB Games has put out a gameplay video with seventeen minutes worth of fun times. In case you hadn't already worked it out for yourself: SPOILER WARNING. Also, spoiler warning. Did I mention the spoiler warning? Oh good, I did. Yay.

It's looking a bit grim for the Dark Knight. The city's his biggest threat by far, and even the cops are after his pelt. It's a much bigger world - more than twice the size of the previous title - and you, as Batman, have no allies except Alfred. Not that he isn't handy, but a Christmas ham maybe isn't the most useful gadget to have in your utility belt. Mind you, there must be at least one Batman villain out there with a weakness for fine food. Lord knows there are enough of them to choose from.

Batman: Arkham Origins is due October 25th, for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Source: WB Games UK YouTube Channel


Four more days...good god, I can't frickin' wait! I've been itchin' to Batman the crap out of some criminals for a while now. I don't pre-order many games unless I'm absolutely certain that I'm going to enjoy them, and everything I've seen about this game so far tells me that it's not going to disappoint.

That didn't look too good... I'd say only the parts that were directly lifted from previous games were ok, everything else looks oddly cheap.
Not to mention frame drops in the places that don't look demanding, and like it was already mentioned this is just about to release.

I would recommend at this point people stay sensible and wait for real reviews to see what is what, but those of you who pre-order don't want to hear that anyway.

to be honest I'm a little worried this game is not made by Rocksteady but fuck it, I'm a sucker for everything Batman :P and the LCE Joker's statue sealed the deal for me :3

Wait... Michael McIntyre?

I have high hopes for it. I like that they mostly kept the combat system the same and didn't change it around all that much. I like that they have given players a much bigger area to explore and also more villains to hunt down too.


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