A Reckless Disregard For Gravity Developer Wants You To Dig Up Dead Worlds

A Reckless Disregard For Gravity Developer Wants You To Dig Up Dead Worlds

You are a speaker for lost worlds. Try to tell their tale.

"You are a speaker for lost worlds," says Ichiro Lambe, as he tries to describe Dejobaan Games' latest, Elegy for a Dead World. "You investigate 3 long-dead civilizations. You report on who they were, what they did, and how they died." Your thoughts, deductions, poems and other musings are recorded in your journal, which then gets sent to Homeworld - the Steam Workshop - for others to critique. "There's no game to play," says Lambe, "you go through the world, observe, and make notes."

It doesn't sound a million miles away from thechineseroom's Dear Esther. The three worlds you'll explore are based on the works of Byron, Shelly and Keats; it's no accident that the trailer begins with "they sent a poet." This is something Lambe in particular has wanted to work on for a while, and he managed to get the rest of the team invested in it. Or, as Lambe puts it, "small, interesting experimental project + people intrigued by it = something to go for!"

This one will be on Mac and PC, via Steam, but as for when that might happen, your guess is as good as mine. Probably a good idea to pay attention to Dejobaan's website, for future updates, if you want to learn more.

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The hell, Dejobaan? You made a game called Drunken Robot Pornography, how can this be the next thing you are offering?

It doesn't sound a million miles away from Dear Esther, but it does sound a million miles more interesting.

Edit: I likely wont pick it up, I am not that sort, but I look forward to reading what others post about it and the civilizations.

Oh man, this is such an interesting idea. Such a long shot away from Dejobaan's normal games. I'll definitely be trying this out once it is released.

I'm definitely looking forward to what is coming out of this in the end. It looks interesting, and it might be pretty interesting to write about (or to practice writing fiction, in my case ;) ).

It does look as if it isn't going to have something of a failure state, which I definitely find interesting. But it might just turn up to be sort of an interactive movie, seeing the probable lack of interactivity and only being in 2 dimensions - without you having a jetpack - meaning movement is going to be one-dimensional, in which case it might as well be a film. We'll have to wait and see how they solve that. I certainly hope they do it well, but it might just end up being pretentious.

The description sounds good but the trailer is kind of dull. I hope it turns out to be more than just walking in one direction and watching the background change.

When I saw the title I thought it was a game being developed by Neil deGrasse Tyson :P
And the helmet the MC passed at the beginning reminded me of Castle Crashers.

please dont turn these world in this creative game in some sort of rule 34 steamy bisexual romance between ruins and hard rocks...

Ohhh Hyperion game. Or close to it...

This has the potential to be really awesome. I'd love to see more developers take interesting design choices like this.

I sincerely hope there's a broken-ass statue of Ramses somewhere in this game; it's too classic to skip.


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