Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut Coming Early to PC, Mac

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut Coming Early to PC, Mac

Sony has brought an early end to its PlayStation exclusivity window for Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut, so PC gamers should have their hands on the new content by Halloween.

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut came to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on September 25, bringing with it an array new locations, items, endings, secrets and tweaks that weren't available in the original PC and Mac versions. Creator Jasper Byrne revealed on Twitter yesterday that his deal with Sony gave the company exclusive access to the new content for a two month period following the PlayStation releases, but in a happy twist it has decided to end that exclusivity prematurely.

"massive thanks to @curvestudios, @shahidkamal + Sony for letting me put the PC Director's Cut out before the exclusivity period is out," Byrne tweeted, " so that i could give it as a gift to the fans on Halloween. those guys are amazing!!!"

"for smaller companies like superflat games, it really helps to be on as many platforms as possible, so i really appreciate Sony's generosity," he added later.

And why did Sony agree to end its exclusive access a full month early? "I asked @curvestudios and @JasperByrne for two months' exclusivity, which was reasonable. When they asked to cut it short-we were reasonable," Shahid Kamal Ahmad, the senior business development manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe explained on Twitter. "Our agreements are set up for developers to thrive, not to stifle them. And we are flexible beyond that when it makes sense for everyone... Contracts formalise understanding between parties. They are a *reference for the deal*, they are not *the deal*. Relationships are the deal."

PR-speak or not, that sounds pretty reasonable - and it is a real solid for all involved. Even better, Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut will be free for anyone who previously purchased the game on PC or Mac, and while it will sell for slightly more than the original release, Byrne said it will be on sale "for the first couple of days" at the same price as the original.

Sources: Twitter, Superflat Games


Almost makes me wanna buy the game on Playstation, even though I already have it on PC.

Nice job, Sony.

Is it going to be a separate game, or just a DLC?

Is it going to be a separate game, or just a DLC?

Free DLC, replacing the current game entirely.

Hmm, maybe time to give it another go and see if I can get a different ending. Like Silent Hill 2 I wasn't aware the first time that it was the little details that changed it.

I wonder if the new locations are rooms that were previously blocked off, additions to areas that have been redesigned or entirely new areas. Hopefully the new items will include something to keep the guy full up. He is a bit of a greedy bugger, always complaining about being hungry.

Nice, nice. Really happy that it will be released free of charged to us folk that already own it. Not all devs are that nice.

I got the game when it first surfaced on Steam, so this is a good chance to replay it.

The fact that it is being offered free to those who already purchased it just makes me even more tempted to buy it all over again!

Wait, your saying I DON'T have to buy it again!? HUZZAH. GLORIOUS DAY!


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