Walmart Taking Online Preorders for Xbox One and PS4 Bundles

Walmart Taking Online Preorders for Xbox One and PS4 Bundles


Targeting holiday shoppers in the US, Walmart guarantees the preorders will ship by December 16.

If, like me, you were out scrambling for Halloween candy and costumes tonight, you may have already noticed the slow creep forward of the Christmas decorations. Retailers are gearing up for the holiday sales season, and Walmart is no exception. As of today, Walmart is taking online preorders for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles guaranteed to be delivered by December 25. That means the consoles should arrive just in time for Christmas gift giving, perfectly timed for Kwanzaa, and possibly a little late if you celebrate the winter solstice. If you were hoping to grab a console for a Hanukkah gift, you might be out of luck.

Walmart is offering the basic consoles as well as bundles for preorder. The PS4 retails for $399 USD, and Sony revealed the full launch title line up today. For $459, you can add a second Dualshock controller or one of eleven games to the standard console. A bundle with both a second controller and a game will cost you $517. The Xbox One retails for $499. The Xbox One launch line up will include Titanfall as an exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC. Adding a second controller or one of eleven games bumps that up to $559, or add both for a $617 bundle.

The preorders are only available to US customers. Whether or not Walmart's international operations (in Argentina, Canada, and the United Kingdom, to name a few) will offer a similar promotion is unknown.


For those that miss the initial release can look forward to getting one in time for the Christmas rush. Hopefully the systems will see more games in time for the holiday season. I know most places are sold out of the current pre-orders. So the next wave will be much better.

Am I the only one who finds it suspect that Titanfall is specifically mentioned as an exclusive in this article? (The game wont be out by the end of the year and unless it's somehow promised as a bundle it really has nothing to do with the story being mentioned.)

Especially since there was a sponsored story on Ryse just the other day.

The next-gen console bundles don't seem much better than every other pre-order bundle, but there's a PlayStation Vita bundle on that site that sounds great: just $19 added onto the normal Vita price gets you a game and a basic set of accessories, while $11 more gets you a much larger set of protective gear, chargers, and cases.


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