PlanetSide 2 Won't Hit the PlayStation 4 Until 2014

PlanetSide 2 Won't Hit the PlayStation 4 Until 2014

PlanetSide 2 - Main

Today, the president of Sony Online Entertainment revealed that PlanetSide 2 will be delayed until 2014.

Shortly before this summer's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony Online Entertainment revealed that DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2, two of the company's most popular MMOs, would be heading to the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, only one of these titles will be ready next month.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment, confirmed that PlanetSide 2 will miss the PS4's November 15th launch. Smedley was understandably vague about when the game would actually hit the market, but did say that gamers will have to wait until 2014.

"We're actually helping the Sony PlayStation 4 launch on November 15 by having our free-to-play game, DC Universe Online, actually come to the PlayStation 4 for its launch," Smedley said. "And we're going to be following up that in early next year with our next game, PlanetSide 2, for the PS4."

The fact that PlanetSide 2 is free and already has an existing fan base should help it find a foothold in a genre that'll soon become populated with games like Destiny and Titanfall. But Smedley understands that free-to-play titles often need some extra oomph if they want earn enough money to stay alive. "The game literally has to be the best," he explains. "If you want people to pay for it, you better give them something amazing, because they can play for free as much as they want. So you have to do something amazing to earn their money."

Source: Bloomberg TV, GameSpot


I have mixed feelings about PlanetSide 2. It's interesting yes, but the things you pay for don't feel or look much different from one another. Being part of a large scale effort is exciting in itself, but I'd like more options to customize my character other than just looks. There is abit of a grind to even obtain the regular power ups. Still it's a decent shooter that will get some attention from the PS4 owners. Now that I think about it; it's an upgraded DUST514

Well duh. The development is absolute hell and the developers lack the ability to make anything truly original and balanced.

Right now, they are ignoring the HUGE gaping holes in the mechanics and replayability.

They rather release hats, copy battlefield, and give in to organized trolls that cry at the devs until they ruin their own game.

Planetside had promise. That promise died when they thought copying what battlefield and call of duty does would keep people. As if this isn't clear enough, stay the hell away from planetside, people.

They can't even decide if they want to be battlefield or be call of duty. The development is clueless and has no direction. They love vehicles, then they hate them. Constantly changing stats and nerfing vehicles into nothing isn't what a good game makes.

Especially when those stat changes are only done to charge players for the new OP weapons.

The developers truly are clueless and can't make a balanced or fun game to save their lives. Right now they are just happy to sell 7$ over powered guns and then nerf them into oblivion and charge players another 7$ to get their gun's old stats back by releasing a new gun with the same stats as the old one.

Its a cash grab, pure and simple. The only reason its coming to the PS4 is to try to save the sinking ship by trying to con console gamers into it so they can charge them for more overpriced crap that will be nerfed for newer guns to be competitive.

I guess PS4 users will have to wait to get their version of the "Hiking followed by sudden death" simulator that is Planetside 2.

Dat performance is what stopped me from playing. Also, playing the game just felt pointless. No one really won anything, we we're just fighting over things that could be overtaken easily.

If they refined it, they could have had a masterpiece on their hands.

I have hit BR 80 I think 2 months ago and I decided to stop, reason? Complete lack of metagame.

As it was already said, no one "wins" anything, that game can basically be described as a massive team/conquest deathmatch and nothing else. They really, really, need to add more mechanics similar to the way it was on Planetside 1..

Dat performance is what stopped me from playing. Also, playing the game just felt pointless. No one really won anything, we we're just fighting over things that could be overtaken easily.

If they refined it, they could have had a masterpiece on their hands.

They seem to have been improving the performance a lot lately, actually most of the development right now is completely focused in increasing the FPS. A friend of mine said the last patch increased his performance by ~40%.

The lack of a proper metagame is still a major problem though. I hope by the time the Ps4 release hits they will have more meaningful mechanics ready.

I just wish they'd find a more meaningful way to keep the team balanced. Every time there's a Vanu Free Cert Hour (some people call them "Alerts"), everyone in the other two factions just flee to other continents because there's no point in going up against the 70%+ pop advantage.

A victory condition would be nice too, outside of regular alerts. It'd be nice if warpgating the other two factions gave you a "victory" and reset the map, rather than just being a waiting game until server pop shifts back in the losing faction's favor. Alerts are a good start, but they're too often won by default, especially in cases of facility alerts, where the vanu can start the alert with 5/7 of the needed facilities and 60% of players on the server.

Between the population imbalance and the lack of victory conditions, most people in NC or TR would rather sit on hills with AV MANA turrets than try to take or defend territory, because anything you take or lose will just be reverted by ghost cappers in the wee hours of the morning. The game is doing far too good a job at conveying the feeling of an endless, pointless war.

I played PS2 for the first week after launch. Had a bit of fun with the Mosquito. After that week, everyone had unlocked air-to-air missiles. I had a choice then of either paying $7 to buy the missile jammer or grinding for 3 more weeks to earn enough in-game credits for it. I chose option 'C' and quit playing.


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