Dead Rising 3 Uses Your Phone as an Augmented Reality Device

Dead Rising 3 Uses Your Phone as an Augmented Reality Device

Smartglass integration lets you recieve calls from characters and use in-game apps on your real-life phone.

While the WiiU is built around the use of a hand-held second screen, don't forget that the Xbox can do it too. Microsoft's Smartglass app turns any Android and iOS device into a second screen for game designers to play with. While games like Halo 4 only use it as an alternate way to check player stats, Capcom wants to take things a bit further. In Dead Rising 3, the Smartglass app turns your real-life phone into an in-game phone, letting you use it as a GPS, check the news, and make and receive calls, all inside the gameworld.

"We wanted the player using our app to look at their own smart device and feel that they had just plucked it off a rotting corpse in Dead Rising 3," writes senior designer Brent Arnst. "But of course it wouldn't be a phone unless players could have the experience of having the phone, or tablet, call them up! That meant we needed a living, breathing character that could phone or text the player at any time to offer advice, new missions or tempting prizes."

The Smartglass app includes all the typical features you'd expect, like "a map, a news feed with unique news stories, a hint app and mission tracker, and even a settings app to customize the player's ring tones and background wall paper." However, it also lets the user do handy things like call down military strikes or drop flares that distract zombies.

Turning your real-life phone into an in-game phone is just weird enough to be really awesome. However, the last time a game gave me an in-game cell phone, Roman kept calling me up to go see "big American titties."

Source: Gamasutra


Hopefully this will work with the android smartglass app and not just windows phones.

And I cant help but feel that Ubisoft missed out on something like this with Watch Dogs. The dude uses his cellphone to do his tricks. Would be damn cool to be able to do the tricks on screen with your own phone...

Alas, I still have a K850i from 2007. So even if I'd buy an XBONE on release day, I'd be out of luck. :/

I don't mind smartglass that much.
I mean being able to turn most common devices into the companion device is a great idea.

So basically, the only people who are trying to think of good uses of a second screen refuse to make games for WiiU. I find that fucking hilarious.


I mean being able to turn most common devices into the companion device is a great idea.

Erm...It's an idea but not really a great one. They simply designed a method to distract you from playing the actual game. Not only that, separating the core gaming mechanics externally could significantly reduce the potential functionality in-game as the information that's shared is very limited while also pushing the Always-on DRM bullshit.

One could also speculate (from the "Smartglass" only) that this could lead to exclusivity deals not limited to consoles but mobile devices. Do you really want half of the game go missing if you don't have X/Y/Z mobile device?

Hardly ground breaking anyhow. Oh look! Computer X can communicate with computer Y like it was demonstrated in the 1950s.

Quite afew games are looking to make their games more interactive beyond the console. I recall The Division making a tablet app to support the regular players. It can be cool if done correctly. Otherwise it's just a novel addition that no one will use. I just hope they don't make it exclusive to certain systems (ipad only) as mentioned.

This isn't news. We already knew this. Why is this being treated as news?


This is interesting. The Escapist alone has had several articles on the "cool" and "awesome" smartglass features in DR3. What new information did this article add? As far as I can see, nothing. What was the point?

OT- Capcom can go shove a phone up it's ass. For no reason should that content be exclusive to the smartglass app. I'm fairly certain I could have received those exclusive missions through my in game phone/radio like I would be getting the other missions. I can't throw a flare without using my phone. WTF is this stupidity? And I'm sure the artillery couldn't be called in on the in game map...

In short, smartglass and the xbone are the reasons I will not be getting DR3. At least for a long, long time.


but anyways, maybe it has a button which lets you speed dial to the developers to annoy them long enough to get it out of console exclusiveness.


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