Temple Run To Be Warner Bros Big Screen Blockbuster

Temple Run To Be Warner Bros Big Screen Blockbuster


Take the idol, if you dare! Starring Nobody Knows; my money's on Shia Labeouf.

Casual game maker Imangi Studios has made a small fortune from Temple Run, and now it's set for even greater fame. Warner Bros. is on the verge of picking up the game for a big screen debut, and David Heyman, the producer behind all eight Harry Potter films, is already on board. If this goes ahead, it will be the second recent project Heyman has with Warners; the other, yet to be finalized, is J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

You needn't worry about seeing this at a theater near you just yet, as Temple Run hasn't got a scriptwriter, let alone a cast. Fortunately this sort of thing writes itself. Our Hero steals an idol from a temple, and is chased by demonic forces. See, you've got the Call to Adventure, Crossing of the First Threshold, Road of Trials and the Belly of the Whale, without even trying; all you need now is some form of Supernatural Aid (no, the demons don't count) and maybe a very brief Refusal of the Call. Job done! Well, mostly done.

Congratulations are in order for Imangi, the three person studio founded in Raleigh, N.C., whose app skyrocketed into popularity. This time last year it announced that Temple Run had been downloaded more than 100 million times, and played 10 billion times since launch. Its successor, Temple Run 2, hit 20 million downloads in just four days. Now a movie? Just goes to show: running from demon monkeys pays off, big time.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



I think at this point, we need to make it where trying to capitalize on something that is popular RIGHT NOW means you immediately lose your MBA, or any chances of you getting one. Seriously, you're supposed to be finding the next big thing, not reiterate the current big thing to a quick death.

Well, best to get in there before anyone makes another Indiana Jones film or brings Nathan Drake to the big screen, eh? It's a more solid premise than Battleship though. That's umm.. that's something.

For some reason this reminded me of Legends of The Hidden Temple.

How long until somebody announces Cookie Clicker game? I'd watch it...

Alright, WB, here's how you do this. 90 min of him running through a temple from demons. That's it. No dialog, no special effects, just one guy running away from three other guys in ridiculous makeup. Seriously, do it straight, do it dark, and DO IT CHEAP! Sit back and collect money. Hell, we made a Ryan Reynolds move with him in a coffin for 90 min, this would totally work.

Safe to say the film - if it ever gets made - will have to deviate rather drastically from the source material, such as it is, because I don't see Paramount's legal department sitting idly by while WB adapt a game where the character is identical to Indiana Jones, down to the hat and the satchel.

Come to think of it this is low rent even for a creatively bankrupt major studio. I mean this is mockbuster territory.

Huh... that's interesting.

Good for them and all, but you have to wonder about the actual quality of the movie. I mean, Temple Runner isn't exactly material I'd use for a movie.

This game is definitely deep on plot/story/character/insert movie element here. Joking aside, I immediately thought Indiana Jones-ripoff when I saw this title and who was starring

Wouldn't this movie just be the 'escape from collapsing temple after stealing idol' sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark stretched out to about 90 minutes? I mean, seriously: this is pretty much an unlicensed Indiana Jones game to begin with, so the movie (assuming they actually based it off the game, and aren't just taking the name for the sake of selling tickets) would probably wind up being pretty close to the same thing.

How long until somebody announces Cookie Clicker game? I'd watch it...

Got my vote. It's got at least as much potential as a generic Temple of Doom riff.

So, somebody thought a game in which all you do is run away from a bunch of monkeys would be a good movie?

Wouldn't this movie just be the 'escape from collapsing temple after stealing idol' sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark stretched out to about 90 minutes?

No, it will have about 40 minutes of a government agent/private collector (who's totally evil by the way)/ex-lover trying to persuade Indy Protagonist Jones out of retirement for one last job. Plus a few minutes for a training montage and a romance scene. Then about half an hour of running away from the camera before a brief one-liner aaaaaand roll credits.

This sounds like the typical cash-in movie except on par with Battleship's lack of logic. I can't wait until Microsoft release Microsoft Excel: The Movie though. Russian Muslim extremist hacktivists have hijacked Wall Street's spreadsheets. An ace accountant is brought out of retirement for one last job...


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