1979 Revolution Seeks Support From Kickstarter

1979 Revolution Seeks Support From Kickstarter

1979 Revolution, the long-awaited game based on the events of the Iranian Revolution, is now on Kickstarter.

It was a little over two years ago that we first heard about 1979 Revolution, Navid Khonsari's attempt to create a game based on the events and immediate aftermath of the Islamic revolution in Iran. The details were sketchy at the time and not much has been heard about it since, but now the game is on Kickstarter, where it's attracting no small amount of attention and support.

1979 Revolution will offer mini-games, collectibles, graphic novel-style cutscenes and an impressive cast of voice actors, but its real power comes from the real-life assets inserted into the action. Virtual photos will be accompanied by real ones taken during the revolution, and the voice talent will be supplemented with actual audio cassette recordings. Khonsari himself, who has an extensive list of credits including Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Revolver and Alan Wake, was a child during the events of the revolution, and the graphic novel artist and one of the writers remain in Iran and must maintain anonymity in order to protect their safety.

There's no way to know if 1979 Revolution will live up to its promise but the hope is certainly there. The revolution in Iran was one of the most influential events of the 20th century and its impact continues to be felt today; an optimist might think that a successful game could help foster a greater understanding of those events and how they shaped the Iran of today, and with greater understanding comes the promise of a better future for all. And if nothing else, it's a pretty cool setting for a narrative-focused game.

1979 Revolution is being developed for iOS and Android devices as well as the PC and Mac, and currently has a "target release" time frame of spring 2014. The Kickstarter, which has been running for about a week, has raised nearly $54,000 of a $395,000 goal and comes to an end on December 16.

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Great idea. Though some of the gameplay looks.... Less than classy. It's nice to see that we've come far enough that this can happen instead of just being added to the pile along with Six Days In Fallujah.

This look very promising. I will keep an eye on it. This game need to be made.

This looks like it could be good and informative, and also harrowing and hard. Either way, I'll give credit to iNK Stories for trying to make a better class of videogame.

Love the concept, just backed it. I hope they can reach their target. Thanks Escapist for making me aware of this game!

Good heads up escapist i'll try and find some sapre cash to give to something that looks like its trying to tell something importnat.


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