Amazon Italy Reveals Next Generation Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Amazon Italy Reveals Next Generation Tomb Raider Definitive Edition


It's so darn difficult to keep a secret these days, moans Square Enix.

Amazon Italy inadvertently revealed a next generation Tomb Raider Definitive Edition to the world, when it listed the title as a January 24th PS4 release. It's also headed for another console, presumably Xbox One, but Amazon Italy didn't give a date for that release. The pages were rapidly taken down, but not quickly enough, as the internet went nuts. Square Enix has since confirmed that this is the real deal, and hinted at a more official reveal to come during an early December event.

"It's so hard to keep a secret these days!" moans Square Enix, possibly with tongue in cheek. It doesn't have any details yet, but recommends people keep an eye "on any major gaming events happening in early December." This may mean the VGX Awards, and Tomb Raider's up for several this year: Best PlayStation Game, Best Xbox Game, Best Action Adventure, and Game of the Year.

If Amazon Italy's to be believed, then this Definitive Edition will contain all the game's DLC, with possible pre-order bonuses as well.

Source: Eurogamer


So, what are they going to do should Tomb Raider go home with a whole slew of awards?

Tomb Raider Super Mega Ultra Ultimate Game Of The Year Last Time Was A Joke, This One's Definitive For Real Limited Collectors Edition Director's Cut?

The original game didn't really have much exciting DLC, so this Definitive Edition including it all isn't that big a draw. Tomb Raider's central storyline was the main draw, while the DLC was only ever weapons or extra side dungeons, or multiplayer stuff.

Still, Tomb Raider was a beautiful game, so I'm genuinely interested to see what they can do with the extra graphical power. Not interested enough to actually pick it up, but still interested :P

Now the real question is, based on this being SquareEnix, how much did it cost in the budget to port the game to next gen, 50 million? It's a good thing they can expect a several year old remake of a game to have 40 million units sold to make up for their low budget predictions. This is sure to be a cash cow! /sarcasm

It would be really interesting to know how much development was needed to port the game. If it was cheap, not only would it recoup some of the 'losses' Square complained about, but it would show to a lot of other people that porting is a definite possibility. There are a lot of decent games people never got around to playing last gen, and I for one would still love to play them but I don't know how likely I'll be to start stockpiling aging current gen titles.

It would be really funny though (and REALLY depressing) if Square did highball sales expectations of the title. I don't think they even need another nail in the coffin to be labeled "The company that expects every game to make a billion dollars."


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