Winamp Bids a Final Farewell In December

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Winamp Bids a Final Farewell In December

Winamp, the greatest media player the world has ever known, will disappear forever next month.

The end of an era is upon us. " and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013," a message on the Winamp website revealed today. "Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date. See release notes for latest improvements to this last release. Thanks for supporting the Winamp community for over 15 years."

It's a sad day indeed, and not only for those of us who have been using Winamp since 1997. Try to imagine for a moment the heartbreak felt by the dedicated, long-serving technician forced to write that announcement. The tears streaming down his face as he types; the gentle kiss on the screen as he clicks "submit"; the long walk through the office, wet eyes fixed straight ahead, holding it all in, until finally he's in his car and he breaks down, his body wracked with sobs as the grief overtakes him.

Later that night, he drinks himself into a haze while watching Titanic. "What a waste," he mutters, opening another beer. At 3 am, he drunk-dials Windows Media Player as Elton John streams in the background. "You don't whip the llama's ass!" he cries. "You can't!" It'll be weeks before he finds the strength to work on another application, but the hole in his heart is still there, an aching reminder of all that was lost - and a wound that only time can heal.

Farewell, sweet Winamp. The bedrock of your presence will soon be mere dust in the wind, but you will not be forgotten.

Source: Winamp, with thanks to Paul Goodman, Jon Bolding and Marshall Lemon


R.I.P. Winamp, whilst I've not used you in the past five years and not even thought about you in the past four. You were certainly acceptable at what you did. You held the bar for other media players looking to strive for adequacy, and for that we thank you.

I still remember when I first realized that the Winamp skin was just a series of bitmaps. One of my first attempts at modding.

This is the finest news post you've ever written, and it's an obituary. Bravo.

Watching a serious piece of software history vanish. Winamp is dead. Long live Winamp.

It'd be cool if they'd opensource it or something, but that probably won't happen.

P.S. Thanks

Agggggh no! To this day I still have Winamp, I find it vastly superior to iTunes in the way it lets me actually use keyboard shortcuts in my gaming applications. It's also small and tidy. Been using it since '98 when we had our old Pentium 2 Gateway.

I also used ShoutCast and set up a little radio station for my friends way back, because I was the one with the gigantic (quasi-legal) music library. That's quite a shame. They haven't done much to mess with perfection over the years, fortunately, so I never really cared about the updates.

But... why? wwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?

It's always one of the first things I install on a new PC/fresh OS.. and and.. all those nights listening to music with mates and watching milkdrop.. and and.. I can't do this right now.

Farewell, sweet Winamp. I shall keep the install application backed up in as many places as possible forever and ever, so that I may never go without.

What will happen to all the bloat that the more recent versions of Winamp used to house. Left homeless, they may find themselves migrating to other homes.

Tragic day indeed. Winamp was a nice quarantine.

But, but, but Winamp is one of the few players with awesome plugins! How else are going to listen to old VG music? Through... MIDI? *shudders at thought*

FUUUUUCK! That sucks, hard. But... why is it happening? It's the best media player out there and iTunes is a serious piece of shit in comparison. I may just have to abandon my little iPod and get some non-brand player, something with drag and drop capabilities. I won't use that horrible bloatware that is iTunes. Terrible interface, slow responding, and I don't buy any music on iTunes. I typically use Amazon MP3 for that.

Bye Bye WinAmp, you were the best... and then VLC came along and basically killed any other player..

Winamp was always kind of mediocre, and in this day and age it seemed like it had aged terribly.

Still, I wonder what happened.

I still use it because the Classic skin's interface is very compact and I'm used to its flow. Even in a 20px strip I could reasonably control it, leaving more of my 3840x1080 for IM sessions, my IDE, my browser window, etc.

Guess I'd better hold onto the install file, or else find something else that controls that way. I still can't really like VLC's interface.

Bye Bye WinAmp, you were the best... and then VLC came along and basically killed any other player..

Pretty much. I remember the odd months where WinAmp's entire staff had deluded itself into thinking that WildTangent's interactive visualizations were the wave of the future (basically in-player 3D games driven by your music selection, sort of like a primitive Audiosurf). You momentarily had access to hundreds of shitty games that ran in WinAmp's visualizations window and it very briefly felt like a huge deal.

Then I got tired of vizualizations and realized I didn't need swirly colours to trip out to Astrix or Infected Mushroom. VLC came along and made me realize WinAmp was just so much bloatware.

Farewell, WinAmp. You're a hallmark of the nineties and of the early two-thousands, but you were packed to the gills with useless shit. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


I never used any other MP3 player, luckily I still have installers for the last few versions on my system... just have to remember to make a back-up somewhere for my future systems (and the inevitable hdd crash).

It'd be cool if they'd opensource it or something, but that probably won't happen.

If they're going to discontinue it I don't see why not make it open-source.

Either way RIP.

Sad, but not surprising. iTunes & VLC cover all the same bases and are better players overall.


WINAMP Winamp winamp

Seriously, why? I still use Winamp. It's by far the best music player out there. It looks great, has a great playlist function, some sweet customization, plays many different file types that a lot of its competition just doesn't, it's equalizers are fantastic. You can tell by using Winamp just for a few minutes that it's made by people who actually give a shit about music. I'm genuinely sad with this news.

I was forced to download iTunes 11 the other day to sort a friends iPod out, and ugh, how the hell that thing is still going I have no idea. Such an ugly mess that's so needlessly updated.

R.I.P Winamp, Forever v5.65

Wait, does this mean the end of Shoutcast/Icecast as well?

If so, there goes the best damn thing for self-produced online radio.

Now we are left with iTunes, which wants to dominate all media on or near your computer. And VLC, which can't remember the last song you listened to.

Winamp, was and is, truly the greatest music player we will ever know.

Winamp might of once been good but it's been crap for ages, I'm not sad to see it go.

Aww, fuck.

Love Winamp, always loved Winamp, still love Winamp, never got round to finishing my Rainbow Islands Winamp skin or my playlist cleaner Visual Basic app and now I guess it won't matter. Its insane array of customisations, including plugins and skins and its own built in things made it infinitely superior to every other MP3 player out there. When I had an iPod, I always preferred to use Winamp plugins (ml_ipod FTW) over iTunes for music synchronisation.

Still, I suppose it was a Web 1.0 application in what is now a Web 2.0 dominated world; iTunes seems to own all these days and the rest is people playing single tracks in the background from YouTube. It's a far cry from Geiss visulisations and OpenNap plugins for Napster.

Farewell, Winamp. You really did kick the llama's ass.

Eh, I still use it for a few things. As mediocre as it's gotten over the years, it's still lightyears better than fucking iTunes.

But but...Winamp is the only one that actually fits perfectly on my second screen together with skype, steam and the like :(
Nothing can replace Winamp.

Strangely enough, despite its age, I still use Winamp. I just always did and assumed I always would!

I am still using the old Winamp 2.8: super-light-weight all needed options.

Ah well... it's not that it will vanish for me now...

Zachary Amaranth:
Winamp was always kind of mediocre, and in this day and age it seemed like it had aged terribly.

Still, I wonder what happened.

Well it's first stumble came from being bought up by AOL over 10 years ago. My personal opinion is it was aces until those dicks got their hooks into it. The new management had to monkey with the formula of what worked and just sucked the life out of it. I think it was their idiotic idea to team with the spyware ridden Wild Tangent. And to make matters worse the proto-hipsters at AOL fought tooth and nail with Justin Frankel at just about every opportunity until he finally decided to jump ship in 2004. Since then the product has been pretty much running on inertia. Kind of the same thing that happened to Netscape.

Sad to see Winamp dying but I'd love to see someone buy it away from the fuckheads at AOL and make it big again.

This is pretty surprising to me as Winamp always seemed to have a huge community with all the skins and plugins. I stopped using Winamp so many years ago though as that Enhancer plugin that's over 10 years old was the only thing that didn't make MP3s sound like shit. jetAudio just blows any music player out of the water with its BBE sound enhancements, you won't ever go back to another player after hearing a MP3 on jetAudio. And, I'm not even an audiophile, the sound difference is just that big.

Wow... This is kinda unexpected for me. Good thing the internet is an archive and nothing is ever truly lost. Lack of future development kinda sucks, but honestly I haven't updated it since I installed it. (And turned off all the online features).

I like it because its compact view is great and its RAM footprint is small.

Welp. As sad as I am to see it go, I knew it was inevitable. And not for the reasons you may think.

I knew it was doomed simply because of the incredibly piss-poor excuse for "management" AOL lauded over the company since acquiring it. AOL, pure and simple, mishandled that brand for years.

Though I'm almost certain it'll never happen, the best thing AOL could do with the brand right now is make it open source. If they did I'd be willing to wager that the modding community would craft Winamp into the best all-around player on the 'net within the span of a few months. If that long.

Just imagine: a Winamp player, sans the bloat, with an even wider range of supported formats and podcasting tools.

Making it open source could lead to that. Letting it just drift into history helps no one.

Either way, I'll be nabbing the final version from their site and keeping it on one or more of my backup drives.

Farewell Winamp.

I'm really sad now, I'm going to have to create a folder with the winamp .exe, and create a backup on a USB.
Farewell winamp, you really did whip the llama's ass.

What? I still use Winamp to this day. Since I've never had an iPod I've never had to go near iTunes, and I've ditched Window Media Player because of plugins and format support that just doesn't happen elsewhere. I've got this huge video game music that can't be played anywhere else. Damn it.

The only reason I used WinAmp as long as I did was global hotkeys. Finally the bloat just got too heavy and I had to change. I found AIMP which has global hotkeys, and looks/functions very similar to WimAmp 2.x, just more powerful and no bloat.

It's still being pretty regularly updated too! If anyone is interested, find it here:

OK... But why would I have used it over VLC? What made Winamp so great as to get a heartfelt obituary?

Awww shit, Winamp used to be my standard media player a decade ago. Mostly because I had no internet back then and it came with pretty much every disc you found in a magazine. Replaced it at first chance.

Far as I'm concerned, nothing of value was lost.

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