Beyond: Two Souls DLC Trailer Looks Like Portal

Beyond: Two Souls DLC Trailer Looks Like Portal

In the Beyond: Two Souls "Advanced Experiments" DLC, Jodie runs around in a timed experiment with elements familiar to Portal fans.

Sony recently released the "Advanced Experiments" DLC to Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls. The DLC has been available as a free download for people who bought the Special Edition of the game exclusively from GameStop. For those who didn't buy this edition, the DLC is priced at $4.99. Sony released a trailer yesterday for "Advanced Experiments," and it looks a bit like Valve's Portal.

In the short chapter of DLC, Jodie and her linked entity Aiden have 30 minutes to clear a series of physical challenges. The exercise is to examine Jodie and Aiden's problem-solving skills in a specially designed facility. Jodie will travel through different rooms to advance. However, Jodie won't be thinking with portals. It appears she'll be doing more physical work such as climbing, jumping, crawling, and avoiding fire, but there also lots of blocks. The white-orange-blue color scheme even looks like something out of Portal. Jodie also does not speak in the "Advanced Experiments" content. There's no one like GLaDOS making silly insults at you as you progress, though.

Quantic Dream boasts an additional 30 minutes of gameplay through the DLC, but 30 minutes is actually the time limit. Judging by some let's play videos, people can generally finish the DLC in about 15 to 20 minutes. The DLC was first released earlier this month. Beyond: Two Souls launched in October exclusive to PS3.

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Interesting, I suppose, but it really is not what I liked the game for. I know some people loved these sections, but I loved the story more


Quantic Dream boasts an additional 30 minutes of gameplay through the DLC

the DLC is priced at $4.99.

I'm sorry... Come again? $4.99 for 30 minutes of gameplay. And price aside, is 30 minutes really something boast worthy?

I've yet to play the main game, but I can't see myself shelling out for this even when I get round to beating it.

It's pretty decent. It doesn't have anything to do with the story nor any replay value (except trying to beat your time record I guess), but the puzzles in it are good.

I have the special edition so already played through it, but I'd still pick it up.

"Quantic Dream boasts an additional 30 minutes of gameplay through the DLC"

So the total gameplay for the complete game will be 30 minutes?

Who am I kidding, it'll still be zero.

Also, does anyone know how it did sales-wise?

Bug MuIdoon:
I'm sorry... Come again? $4.99 for 30 minutes of gameplay. And price aside, is 30 minutes really something boast worthy?

That was my first thought, too. Lot of people's first thought I bet. It's like... five bucks for thirty minutes of gameplay that'll probably be over in less than thirty minutes? Bet they put a lot of work in it, but who pays five bucks to have half an hour more content? Rhetorically speaking, 'cause some people obviously do.

Yeah gonna wait for the GOTY edition that has all the DLC and it will be in a cheaper package.

So they couldn't have just put this in the game proper? It hardly seems worth getting if it is a maximum of 30 minutes long, contains no dialogue and presumably has little to no side exploration. The price is a bit much for that too, you can get a full-fledged game for that much and get more than 30 minutes of gameplay out of it. I guess customers are paying for all of that emotion?

This DLC doesn't make any sense when you consider what game it's attached to. The entire reason one generally plays a game like Beyond isn't necessarily for puzzles, but for the story and choices you make. A thirty minute puzzle section, with no story element or dialogue of any description, seems like it was lifted from something else and thrown in.

30 minutes? Oh Mr Cage. You really want to be making films don't you. 30 minutes added to a movie is good, that's fine, that is a lot of content in a film. In a game? Nah and is not worth $5.

$5.00 for 30 minutes?

Well, thank Thor that games like Skyrim, Mount & Blade and Chivalry don't charge me by the minute because I've clocked well over 2000 hours total with those three titles.

Wow, I got this with my preorder and let me tell you guys, its not worth $5. Its an interesting little side bit that makes you think a little bit (although you won't really ever get stuck), but its not overly long. Maybe if it was a set of these missions over Jodie's life or something, then it might be worth it. But as it stands, don't even bother.

I guess Ms. Page was unavailable so they couldn't make a piece of story-driven DLC.

It's okay but felt more like a tech demo. It certainly doesn't add to the story or even really have a story at all. Also, it's only 30 minutes if you really suck. I finished it in about 15 minutes. I'd strongly suggest skipping this dlc

30 minutes is pretty short, but what does $5 really get you anymore? A pair of socks at Ross? A stalk of celery? A box of disposable plastic forks?


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