FIFA 14 May Crash on Startup Due to Controller Bug

FIFA 14 May Crash on Startup Due to Controller Bug

FIFA 14 Screenshot

Electronic Arts is working on its first PS4 and Xbox One title update for FIFA 14 to fix several problems.

With the Xbox One's release today, FIFA 14 released for Microsoft's next-gen console. Electronic Arts has spotted two problems with the Xbox One version and plans to address a Day 1 Update to fix both a controller bug and a bootflow issue.

When using two controllers assigned to user profiles, navigating the bootflow with the second controller as the game loads can end up in the game crashing. EA's workaround for now is to use the second controller only once you reach the main menu. "The FIFA dev team will be fixing this issue as soon as possible (shortly after launch)," EA stated.

Furthermore, if you leave the Xbox One inactive until it goes to sleep in a suspend mode on the title screen in bootflow, all online features will be unavailable when you return to the game. If this happens, restart the Xbox One. To avoid this, just don't suspend the console in the title screen of FIFA 14.

But there are still more problems EA needs to address for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the sports game. On the PS4, you cannot join Friends Only matches from a friend's profile. Instead, you have to wait for an invite from your friend to join the match. On the Xbox One, if the captain in co-op seasons uses a custom formation and the non-captain does not have any custom formations, it will crash. EA recommends either using the same custom formations or using none at all. Compatibility with voice commands on the Xbox One also need to be adjusted, and players cannot change the camera off of the "End To End" camera when playing as a goalkeeper in Pro Clubs.

For both next-gen consoles, there will be no gifting of the "Seasons Win" item - for now. At the moment, a friend cannot receive the item when you gift it. This issue will be fixed in the first title update for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Electronic Arts


The controller thing is a really odd one, and I don't blame QA for not catching it. The Friends Only matches and formation crashes seem more obvious, and indicate a rushed product to meet console launches.

I kinda wanted FIFA 14 on PC, until I heard that (much like NBA 2K14 on PC) it's based on the previous gen version instead of the new one. I may end up getting it anyway, if only because I currently own no soccer games at all, but I may wait until FIFA 15.

P.S. Thanks

I've had weird second controller issues on my 360 with GTA. Had the first controller logged out and recharging via Plug-and-Play. Logged on with second controller and it found no save game on game start. It just immediately went into the new game cut scene.

While I'm certainly no proponent of EA, Microsoft does seem to have weird controller priority algorithms in their firmware.

If you lack the QA, you are bound to have stupid problems like this EA, keeping your customers should be #1 not shareholders.


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