Warcraft Film Pushed Into 2016

Warcraft Film Pushed Into 2016

World of Warcraft Art

The long-awaited Warcraft movie has been delayed again.

Did anyone really believe that the Warcraft film would follow a smooth, straight path from here to there? It was more than four years ago that Sam Raimi signed up to direct it, after all, and well over a year since he left; in 2009 it was supposed to be out in 2011, and in 2013 they said it would be out in 2015. But now it's later in 2013 and things have changed yet again.

Legendary Pictures announced today that Warcraft, which had been scheduled to hit theaters on December 8, 2015, will be delayed to March 11, 2016. Legendary didn't offer a reason for the delay but it may well have something to do with the fact that Star Wars Episode VII comes out on the same day.

Regardless of the specifics, Warcraft fans are going to have to wait a little longer to enjoy a big-screen adventure through Azeroth, although it's all so far down the road that it shouldn't sting too much - and by now, we probably shouldn't be surprised by it anyway.

Source: Variety


I'm expecting it to be outright canceled soon. WoW has been going down the tubes, the latest expansion completely kills what little lore it had, and quickly turning into a pay to win. Subscription numbers will continue to drop like sacks of bricks. If anything the franchise itself is now toxic. There's more hatred for activision blizzard than there is likes.

Even if this movie did come out in 2016, to me, the name is so toxic I would have 0 desire to even see it. Especially if the story is anything like what they been writing. Lots of mary-sue, Unoriginal storytelling, in fact quite a bit of the story telling they been doing since cataclysm, has been ripped off from other sources, examples is Westfall becoming CSI: Miami, Redridge Mountains and Burning Steppes became the Rambo movies, even Uldum was Indiana Jones. 95% of the voice acting of major characters is done by Metzen. And even the latest expansions announcement one can already tell just how horrible the story telling is. Sounds more like some episode of Dr. Who if anything.

To be blunt, if it came to a choice with video games to movies of watching Super Mario Brothers, or Warcraft, I'd rather watch Super Mario Brothers. At least it has original storytelling and is actually entertaining.

In b4 obligitory WoW is dea--oh, too late.

Oh, also, Greg Street stepped down as Lead Systems Designer for WoW, which is kinda more newsworthy than this.

The best way they can do this is to go back to the lore of WarCraft 2 and 3. Possibly, if they can do it, focus on 3 without having too much backstory to fill in. There's so much room for making epic movies out of that story, but World of Warcraft's lore has to accommodate the MMORPG gamestyle, and that makes for some weird twists and turns to focus on progress and leveling.

So focus on the first games and make them into movies.

At least we now know the producers aren't stubborn enough to think it will somehow be able to compete with Star Wars, although they are stubborn enough to still be working on this after so long. By the time it comes out I doubt there will be enough of an audience left willing to watch it to make back any money they spend on it, unless Blizzard release a new Warcraft title.

Myself, I'd only watch a Warcraft movie if it was called Warcraft: Lesbians of Azeroth. Although the internet has plenty of material along those lines.

I never believed that this movie was ever actually planned to be released it was just to tease those who care about wow. They probably never did any work on it just payed people to talk it up.

2016, that is a long way away indeed. I'm not sure either how big an audience there will be for a Warcraft film in 2016 - surely such a film would be better served being released at the peak of WoWs popularity? I actually had no idea until now that it had been in development for so long. At least 7 years would be a long time to wait for a game to come out, let alone a movie.

Of course, the two depressing things in that Variety article are really the reminder that there is going to be a Fifty Shades of Grey movie (I therefore expect the next singleplayer DLC for GTA V to contain reference to a "Chains of Intimacy" movie now) and the fact that they are rebooting the Mummy franchise.

In b4 obligitory WoW is dea--oh, too late.

Oh, also, Greg Street stepped down as Lead Systems Designer for WoW, which is kinda more newsworthy than this.

Really? That is probably the best news coming out of Blizzard than anything.

I am trying to figure out if this will be relevant in 2016? It better be tied into a new Blizzard MMORPG or poof. I mean, are we finally going to get that new Commodore 64 movie we've been waiting for now..

It might even appear in cinemas one day, presumably in the troubled 2030's as a nostalgia property, partially founded by the department of defence to help the population's morale.

Pft, they should just make a Warhammer Online movie, and change it to Warcraft halfway through...

"Suffer, moviegoers, as your pathetic release date BETRAYS you!"

Thank you, Sindragosa. You can clock out early tonight.

..but yeah, who's surprised? The ships in the opening of the Pandaria cinematic had more smooth sailing than this movie.

its a very long time to take making a film of the quality of dungeons and dragons the movie or dungeon siege

Release date being pushed... I'm not really surprised in the slightest. Hopefully this means it's on the way to being straight up cancelled since what little was being said about the 'story' didn't have any good implications.

At the rate Wow's subscriptions are dropping, this film will be released when there's all of 50 people who still give a darn about WoW


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