Total Annihilation is Totally Cheap at GOG for 24 Hours

Total Annihilation is Totally Cheap at GOG for 24 Hours

Total Annihilation 24 Hour Sale

Total Annihilation and Total Annihilation: Kingdoms are 70 percent off together at GOG.

While franchise's like Starcraft tend to hog the limelight of the modern RTS-scene, if you were to step back fifteen or so years the big kid on the block would have been Cavedog Entertainment's Total Annihilation. Still regarded by many fans today as the cream of the real-time strategy crop, it's a superior classic of the genre and a must-have for RTS fans.

That in mind, if you don't currently have a working copy you may want to swing by GOG sometime before tomorrow. The online retailer, despite still be in throes of its Black Friday sale, is currently running a 24-hour promotion offering a whopping 70 percent discount on Total Annihilation and its fantasy follow-up Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. There are some caveats, of course. The 70 percent discount is only effective when you buy the two games together. If you buy them separately, they're only 60 percent off. The difference is maybe all of a few quarters and a dime though, so you shouldn't be too put out if you want one and not the other.

That being the case, both are great games and buying them together costs less than four dollars, which you could probably find lying around your house if you looked. In other words, if you've been itching for an RTS experience to play and have yet to enjoy this classic, we'd strongly suggest you take it for a spin.

Source: GOG


its also totally free and better over at spring.
Can we like stop using the escapist as a plug for sales offers?

The version at Spring can be pretty dang complex to get working (I lost count over the times I tried)although impressive from what I've seen. Besides, barely two bucks for one of the best strategy games from the past is an excellent bargain... the one with robots that is, never tried the fantasy-looking one.

I loved TA, and am firmly in the camp of people that think it's the best RTS game out there. I'd snag this again in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the fact I already bought it from GOG. Glad to see it getting some more love though.

Well, Total Annihilation was certainly awesomesauce, but Kingdoms? Not so much.

I played the former until my eyes started bleeding, but while I did really really try to give TA:K a chance, it just never clicked for me. The game engine was simply not designed to work for melee combat units, and when they tried it anyway it all turned into a complete mess.

TA was what put Cavedog on the map.
TA:K was what pulled them straight off it.

Oh man, two of my favorite childhood gaming experiences? For less than 5$? Insta-buyyyyyyy.

Imma set up some epic sieges where I've got like, twenty of those bear spear-tossers holding off the entire combined might of several bots. It's gonna be super gang-bang awesome-sauccccccce.


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