Peggle 2 Arrives On Xbox One Dec 9th

Peggle 2 Arrives On Xbox One Dec 9th

120 levels of puzzling goodness will be downloadable soon.

Peggle 2, Xbox One's puzzle exclusive, is due December 9th, according to Venture Beat. The latest addition to PopCap's stables boasts 120 levels, at an $11.99 price tag, all of which will be downloadable very soon. Of course, if you bought your console as a Christmas gift, you may have to bite your tongue and wait a while before you can get your puzzle on.

Gameplay hasn't changed much. You still pitch balls at pegs and hope for the best, but the new Masters have one or two tricks in store for you. Luna, for example, lets you clock a valuable orange peg even if one of those cursed blue ones is in the way. There are also going to be special optional objectives in each level, and pinball bumpers to help keep your ball in play rather than vanish down the drain.

So, launch timeframe it is, then! Peggle 2's not the first title you might think of when listing Xbox One games, but no doubt this downloadable will have many fans queuing up for it soon.

Source: Venture Beat


That's a steal :)

I will totally pick it up.

I'll have to pick it up eventually - even the free version was stupidly addicting.

Now, how long before someone posts that gif?

Ah yes.
Peggle 2 is absolutely the XBone exclusive Microsoft needs to cement the XBone as a hardcore gamer console.
Or as a small business appliance, or a TV cable box forwarding motion control remote.
Or whatever else they were marketing it as...


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