Polytron Praises Customers As Fez Sells A Million

Polytron Praises Customers As Fez Sells A Million


"Thank you for boycotting it so well!" says Polytron.

Fez, Polytron's indie perspective-bending platformer, has sold 1 million copies, and Polytron couldn't be happier. "Thank you for stealing it!" Polytron trills. "Thank you for putting up with the bullshit! Thank you for all your love letters, fan art, cosplays and freakin' tattoos you got, you crazy bastards!"

It's been a long, arduous road, and it's no surprise if Polytron's a little punch drunk. What with game-killing patches too expensive to fix on Xbox, rumbles of discontent with Microsoft from creator Phil Fish, followed soon after by Fish's dramatic exit from gaming, any company'd be a little gun shy by now. No, it didn't mention Fez 2, probably for good reason.

Congratulations to Polytron, and best of luck to future Fez.

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I got a copy of it from the 9th Humble Bundle, which included FTL and Mark of the Ninja.

I also remember setting the slider so that Polytron didn't receive any money so technically I could still be considered to be boycotting the company.

How many bundles were bought? I know FEZ one one of the 'above average price' games but that still would have inflated the numbers somewhat.

Fex? Wrong axis there!

Although if there was a Fez 2 it would probably focus on circles, ellipses, spheres and ellipsoids since the first focused on squares, rectangles, cubes, and rectangular prisms...

That's an oddly passive-aggressive thank-you message. Ummm... You're welcome? *edges away slowly*

Interesting game, made by a shittty individual. I got the game during one of the humble bundles, but I never plan to play it, not my type of game.

Great for Polytron - but without Fish, what do they have? Are they now just a few people left in charge of managing Fez? Or does this signal that Fish is still in the development business?

Well, whatever. Fez was a pretty darn good game, and I'm glad that it sold this much.

I'm sure this is just pumping straight into Fish's impossibly-sized ego.

Amusingly, most of the recent spike in sales is due to purchase from the "Spreadsheet Machines" that Fish despises so much.

The only reason I have the game is because it was in a Humble Bundle, I also donated all the money to charity on that one so that Fish wouldn't see a penny of it (he's 'not in it for the money' anyway). So they might have gotten a 'sale' but they didn't make any money off of it.

I also wonder what Polytron are going to do once Fez has been ported to every device under the sun.

Well, with a thank you message like that I'm not going to add on to the numbers. You can keep your game, ya pricks.


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