Yoshi's New Island Hops Onto 3DS With 2014 Release

Yoshi's New Island Hops Onto 3DS With 2014 Release

While Yoshi's New Island still doesn't have a firm release date, it is slated for a 3DS launch in spring 2014.

Yoshi's New Island, the sequel to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, will hit the Nintendo 3DS next Spring, Nintendo Satoru Iwata announced during this morning's Nintendo Direct event.

Yoshi's Island creative director Takashi Tezuka is also taking the lead on Yoshi's New Island, which explains how the new team seems to mirror the original's unique aesthetic so well.

We called Yoshi's New Island a "worthy successor" to the quirky Mario side-story. Check out our E3 preview to find out why.

Source: Nintendo Direct


This may be what it finally takes to make me buy a 3DS, even pokemon didn't manage that, much to my surprise.

Yoshi's Island was a game I loved to bits, and was pretty much the first handheld game I had. After the disappointing DS game they made I wasn't expecting another, let alone for it to be good.

I certainly hope they did something to tone down Baby Mario's crying. Truly that was the single most annoying, ear-bleeding sound that has ever been featured in a videogame. Yes, it's even worse than the Force Yourself To Laugh scene in FFX.

Not that I'll really care either way since I don't own a 3DS to begin with. :P

I might have to get the game just to hear Yoshi's voice. I won't complete it, I'll just float-jump constantly.

So, it seems like Nintendo is wisely ignoring Yoshi's Island DS ever existed.

And it looks like they're kinda fusing Yoshi's Story style with Yoshi's Island style... why not use hand drawn sprites instead of 3D crayon shaded style?. Otherwise, this looks like yet another great incentive to get a 3DS :)

Wish it was still in 2-D, the 3D just looks out of place to be honest.

Hope its good though.

Seriously, are the Nintendo of America translators just pulling some sort of hugely widespread prank on the non-English-speaking part of the company by applying the "New" label to all the games that least deserve it?

Also, 3D graphics are great and so are cutesy hand-drawn ones. But watching a 3D Yoshi platform on a 2D plant stalk just looks bad, even disregarding how lifeless Yoshi's animations are compared to how they looked a full twenty years ago. And couldn't you have at least tried to make the game look exciting at all? All the parts you showed off just look empty and devoid of challenge or engagement.

...But hey, it's more Yoshi's Island, and Yoshi's Island makes for quite the excellent foundation to build a game off of (provided they stay far away from New Super Mario Bros.-style sensibilities). I'll be awaiting this game's reception with much interest.

I guess this is going to be the closest I get to a Yoshi's Story sequel, since it seems they borrowed some gameplay mechanics from it.

Shame, I never did enjoy baby sitting.

Loved the game on snes. Hopefully they can make this one as good. 3ds seems to have the only games on it I seriously consider purchasing day 1.


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