Sony to Give Out PS Vita TVs and 10 Years of PS+ at Singapore PS4 Launch

Sony to Give Out PS Vita TVs and 10 Years of PS+ at Singapore PS4 Launch

PlayStation 4 set

Sony is giving away PS+ and PS Vita TVs to the first pre-order buyers of the PS4 in Singapore.

While Sony has already notched a very successful PlayStation 4 launch in the U.S. with over one million units sold in 24 hours, and the console becoming the UK's best-selling gaming console of all time, the electronics giant isn't stopping there, as the upcoming console's launch in Singapore is being given a boost with very enticing pre-order incentives.

In a press release sent earlier today, Sony has announced that it will be giving away PlayStation Vita TVs for the first 30 pre-order buyers of the PlayStation 4, while the next 30 people who've pre-ordered will be getting 10-year PlayStation Plus memberships. If that wasn't enough, the first and second pre-order buyer will get both a PS Vita TV and a 10-year PS+ subscription. Now, for those not fortunate to be included in the first 60, Sony is also giving out a limited edition AAPE Tee + Cushion to the next 100 pre-order buyers waiting in line.

The event, which is open to the public, will start tomorrow, 1:30 p.m. up to 3:00 p.m. at the Wisma Atria Outdoor Atrium and will be attended by Deputy President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, Hiroyuki Oda

For those in Singapore, make sure you hit those lines early for a chance to win a PS Vita TV and that sweet, sweet 10-year PS+ membership.


Wow that's a pretty sweet deal. I'm sure there are already people waiting to make the cut. Shame nothing like that with the US release, but I guess. For some the fact they're giving things away might be said a lack of confidence in the system itself. Maybe. No way to say for sure. PS Vita wasn't blowing up the charts in sales. The 10 years of Plus does guarantee the users sticking with Sony. Free games and discounts aren't so easy to turn down.

I was in Singapore two months ago... Flippin eh~


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